What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail?
AlfaPeople |
Sep 25, 2018

What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail?

Explore the new October ’18 Release

The End of Day closing is an important element in retail, as all transactions must be processed correctly to control inventory management optimally and to monitor sales activity. This data is also important for planning, so that you could see which articles or article groups, or even colors and sizes sell more than others. A lot of information could be obtained from different departments’ transactions and so it’s important that this is done well, is not too complicated and, if something goes wrong, the user could immediately monitor it and intervene without the help of a central office. It should also be considered that no damage to the data or fraud could occur. With the October ’18 Release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail, there will be enhanced capabilities in the integrated end-of-day processing, creating a more reliable, effective and scalable solution. You could extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail with Power BI or PowerApps to get the results in a good, clear overview. You could also use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail on your cellphone or tablet, but with Power Apps or Power BI you could optimize the overviews for whatever works best for your company, department or employee.

New Dynamics 365 for Retail Omni-channel payment solution

The October ’18 release of Dynamics 365 for Retail incorporates a more comprehensive, secure and reliable omni-channel payment solution. More and more cross-border purchases (online retail purchase on an international website) take place as there is no longer any requirement to have a local entity or website to accept local payment methods in any market. Non-Credit card payment methods are important, especially in Europe, but also differ per country. Next to the more global methods of PayPal and Klarna, there are country-specific payment methods like SEPA or GiroPay in Germany, iDEAL in the Netherlands or Rate Pay in Switzerland. In the October ’18 release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail a new omni-channel “Out of Box” payment connector to Ayden payment services is made available, providing credit and debit payment processing for Retail Modern POS and Cloud POS and non-card payments like PayPal for e-commerce. In addition, the extensibility scenarios for payments have been significantly enhanced so that AlfaPeople as a partner could create reliable, secure third-party payment connectors. This shared omni-channel token in Dynamics 365 for Retail enables seamless flows such as buying online, and in-store pick-up or returns.

New Dynamics 365 for Retail Customer Experience

The omni-channel process will be further improved in the October ’18 release of Dynamics for Retail. Retail Modern POS (MPOS) and Cloud POS users will be able to provide better, more streamlined customer service by returning products from multiple transactions when returning via receipt or purchase history. The in-store employees could work more efficiently as two separate transitions are not needed to do a return and a sale within the same order. This October ’18 release of Dynamics for Retail will, of course, also improve customer experience.

Another feature for a better omni-channel experience is an improvement made to the loyalty program. Enhancements have been also made in the call center module to bring it up to the same level as POS system possibilities.

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