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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Education

Intuitive education management software

From universities to professional development institutes, the complexities of the education sector can only be met with integrated digital tools that embrace every aspect of the student and stakeholder journey. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Education is a customized education CRM software for institutions seeking to centralize their data and processes, with a broader focus of improving the experience and engagement of stakeholders with your organization!

“What we have today with our CRM tool has contributed very much
to the delivery of a superior service and an increase in quality.”

Flávio Augusto Vilela Vouguinha
Customer Service and Relationship Manager

About Microsoft Dynamics 365 Education

Evolve with only the best education management tools

As a fully customizable software for education institutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 addresses core aspects of the experiences which stakeholders, staff, students, providers, regulatory bodies have with your organization. Manage the student journey from enrolment through to graduation with complete insight into student’s various needs and learning outcomes. Develop self-service portals for members to ensure secure, real-time access to important academic and financial information. Develop marketing and budgetary plans. Complete funding proposals. Run events. Evolve digitally with Dynamics 365 for Education!

Deliver truly rewarding student experiences

Dynamics 365 for Education provides universities and higher learning organizations with tools and strategies to ensure staff, students and stakeholders interact rewardingly and draw the upmost value from your educational offerings. Much more than just a standard student enrolment software, Dynamics 365 for Education understands the student experience as a lifelong journey for all parties involved. By streamlining day-to-day administration from a unified interface and database, higher education providers can ensure students, staff and stakeholders develop deep, quality relationships built on trust, efficiency, transparency and focused interactions.

Enrich the student journey from start to finish

Dynamics 365 for Educations provides a complete 360-degree view of the engagement students – as well as staff and other stakeholders – have with your organization. As a single intelligent database, Dynamics 365’s ticketing system helps organizations to promptly address and resolve inquiries, requests and complaints. Self-service portals allow users to engage directly with their own learning and financial data. Meanwhile, knowledge libraries provide access to degree and course information, work experience opportunities, apprenticeships, extra-curricular activities, news and more. Dynamics 365 for Education can also serve as an alumni engagement software!

Improve financial efficiency

Dynamics 365 for Education facilitates major improvements in financial management for the higher sector by allowing institutions to monitor and control student contributions, payments, subscriptions and bursaries, from a single intelligent interface. Microsoft’s unrivaled marketing and sales tools ensure organizations can reach new prospects. Its student engagement software is also fully integrated with email and social media platforms.

Comply with privacy and security obligations

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you own your data! Higher education software requires strong privacy controls including access restrictions and data repositories, to ensure your data does not mix with other organizations in your network or sector. For Cloud-based customers, Microsoft delivers unrivaled encryption and security features, which are monitored around-the-cloud by Microsoft security experts.

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Did you know?

Only 56% of higher education respondents report that they have already invested in and deployed CRM. *

*Gartner, How to Overcome Three Higher Education CRM Myths?, 6 March 2018

What's life like on the Cloud?

What’s life like on the Cloud?

From student and staff self-service portals, integration with financial systems, through to subscription management and higher education marketing tools, Dynamics 365 for Education is a gateway for Education institutions to access Cloud-based technologies for the effective management of the needs of students, staff and partners. With Microsoft Azure (Microsoft’s Cloud system) and Office 365, power of Dynamics 365 reaches new heights, offering users independence, storage, scalability and availability.

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