All around productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365
AlfaPeople |
Oct 26, 2022

All around productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the all-inclusive solution for your company. Gone are the days when data had to be copied back and forth manually between different applications: the smart conception ensures synergy effects and optimised processes. The software shows that a modern CRM system can only function through shared data and networking.

Meeting notes, financial statements, address books, budget planning and calculations: For a long time, this information was stored in a wide variety of documents. In many companies it still is today. Relevant facts have to be stored in this approach. The work in such a decentralised information architecture is an invitation to find workarounds. Working in such a decentralised information architecture is an invitation to find workarounds. The result: parallel structures, encrusted processes and stone-age knowledge management. Microsoft Dynamics 365 shows that there is another way: the applications are integrated and provide synergy effects by accessing the same data from different directions. This all-in-one approach ensures seamless and relaxed work without media breaks.

Often in companies it still goes like this: the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. These hands can be, for example, a marketing and a sales department working side by side without really using what the other side is doing. But both know: in the conversion from a lead to a long-term satisfied customer, there are some critical points that deserve special care. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, these crucial phases are not only cushioned, but supported – towards a successful business relationship. Through radical networking, marketing, sales and service become interlocking wheels – and thus more productive.

The critical phases mentioned above are mainly at the transitions from one department to another. This can be the case, for example, when a lead is transferred from marketing to sales – but also when a customer who has been acquired uses a service for the first time or otherwise changes the contact person. This is where the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 come into their own: customer data is managed here in a centralised and smart way and can be viewed. With appropriate maintenance, this data includes much more than name, email address and telephone number: in addition to contracts and business information, milestones in the communication history and agreements can also be entered. Every employee who has the data available can thus respond to the customer’s wishes in a qualified and competent manner – without first having to call colleague X in department Y to understand the process. This avoids frustrating customer discussions for both sides.

The integration of Microsoft Teams is particularly interesting: In numerous companies, a large part of the communication runs via the application that combines chat, video telephony and data management in such an accessible way. Teams is now seamlessly integrated into CRM. This means that all important data such as customer profiles, sales and service requests can be accessed directly from Teams. This is where it becomes particularly clear what All-in-One can really mean. ERP and CRM data can be accessed without detours. For internal use, it is therefore essential that the data is centrally maintained and stored. In this way, it is possible to plan exactly which offer promises success with which customer at which point in time. Leads can thus be prioritised. Which channel and with which approach they are contacted is also determined by the data. Qualified decisions are thus made on a serious basis and freed from intuition and gut feeling. The optimised mobile use of the applications also ensures that your employees can make these decisions at any time from anywhere in the world – without any paperwork.