Why Knowledge Makes me Work at Alfapeople?
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Nov 28, 2017

Why Knowledge Makes me Work at Alfapeople?

Life at AlfaPeople
By William Vieira
Support Analyst

I’ve been working at AlfaPeople for a little more than 3 years as a Support Analyst, working with customer support in the post-implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and, in some cases, implementing new processes and improvements, providing a greater life cycle to the solution, with a healthier environment for the customer.

When I started working at AlfaPeople, I felt that this would be the ideal company to improve my knowledge technically, since from the first day of work whenever I’m available I can participate in the company’s training. Through this training, I’m always in tune with the market and keep up to date with the latest technology.

For us at AlfaPeople, as important as the implementation of the project, the area of support has its importance to avoid damages to the customer with the unavailability of the application, errors, doubts, and wear of the solution.

One of the challenges that I have in Sustainability is to always be prepared to work with clients from a wide range of businesses and with different versions of Dynamics 365. This way, each service is unique to us and our clients. We have the concern of always delivering what was requested by our customers, focusing on their needs, often not measuring efforts to fulfill the demand.

One of the points I believe to be positive about working with AlfaPeople is that there are people willing to collaborate and be supportive in discussions about problems and solutions. Everyone always shares their knowledge acquired during some implementation or support. Because of this we always value the knowledge that each one has since we know that our experiences are always unique and that the participation of everyone is always important to obtain this collaborative environment between the teams and the people.

The management of the support team is another thing that I believe is very important because there is always the support and communication necessary between the team and our manager. It’s important to us, AlfaPeople employees, the freedom and space for our own self-management, something that I believe is essential to our service model and that also adds us to our personal and professional profile.

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