Key takeaways from Satya Nadella’s 2019 Inspire keynote
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Jul 19, 2019

Key takeaways from Satya Nadella’s 2019 Inspire keynote

Satya Nadella Keynote 2019 – synonymous with fun, extravagance, spectacle, light and fantasty! Welcome to Microsoft Inspire 2019. From July 14 to 17, the motto was “Together, we achieve more”. This was proven by the joint successes of Microsoft and its partners in the past fiscal year. Where better to honor and celebrate this than in the Entertainment Capital of the World?

The eagerly awaited keynote speech of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella focused on these joint successes and developments and encouraged Microsoft partners all over the world to continue to drive the important digital topics of our time and to place their trust in Microsoft’s unique capabilities to create innovations.

Satya Nadella’s speech, which you can watch here in its entirety, offered, in addition to many fascinating and playful insights into the technological possibilities of Microsoft, important strategic insights:

Azure, the world?s computer

In order to make the world’s growing flood of data manageable (90% of all the data that exists today was generated in the last two years alone), Microsoft is developing Azure into a world computer. This is complemented by an innovative, event-driven, serverless app model that ensures optimal workflows through its downward compatibility.

Taking the Cloud to the Edge

For Microsoft, the next stage of its adventure lies beyond the cloud. Azure Stack is the only consistent stack within Edge and any public cloud that allows complete operational control. Major global players such as Airbus and Starbucks already successfully rely on this Microsoft technology.

PowerApps for Citizen Developers

Microsoft expects 500 million apps to be developed within the next 5 years. To meet this need, Microsoft relies on Citizen Developers ? end users who develop applications within their system themselves. This is made possible by the Microsoft Power Platform with its PowerApps. It is based on Azure Servies and the Common Data Model and is fully integrated into Dynamics 365. The Power Platform is constantly being expanded with new PowerApps ? the newest family member is the AI Builder.

AI-induced Dynamics 365

Microsoft is fully committed to artificial intelligence. The AI-supported Insights modules for the Dynamics 365 portfolio, which already found their way into business solutions last year and have since provided improved forecasts and insights, have not lost any of their innovative radiance this year either.

Mixed Reality Cloud

Whether in industrial automation or architecture ? the fusion of Dynamics 365’s mixed reality apps with the virtual capacities of HoloLens 2 enables visualizations, instructions, remote assistance and many other futuristic-looking features in the mixed reality cloud.

Satya Nadella also made clear how important Microsoft’s mission is to empower people around the world to achieve more. While the focus of the IT giant has so far been on knowledge workers, from now on front-line workers will also benefit from this empowerment. After all, 77% of the two billion frontline workers worldwide still feel that they have been cut off from the positive developments in other areas of the company as a result of outdated tools. Microsoft is now doing everything it can to change this.

Microsoft 365 remains the leader in this field. Ninety-five percent of the Fortune 500 use Office 365 applications. The rapid developments in the field of AI, as well as outstanding compliance and security standards, also contribute to this success.

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