Get ready for the future in the cloud
AlfaPeople |
Apr 30, 2018

Get ready for the future in the cloud

The cloud is on everyone’s lips and a major topic with regards to future-oriented IT in Germany. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a comprehensive solution for your company with a 360° view of your customers. Although the cloud solution offers many convincing advantages, many companies are hesitant to take the step into the cloud. Let’s see how easy it is to get into the cloud and the value of the solution.

Simple knitted

The way to the cloud is much easier than often assumed and with less effort than you might think. AlfaPeople not only offers you comprehensive and effective tools, you also profit from the profound industry knowledge of our employees in the Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In general, a migration of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system takes only three steps:

  • Premigration
  • Migration
  • Post Migration

During the pre-migration phase, your system will be analyzed by our experts. Existing interfaces to other systems will be considered accordingly and adapted later during the project. On your request, we analyze your existing processes in Dynamics 365 during this phase and carry out optimizations here. Workflows and custom codes are often replaced by out-of-the-box features of Dynamics 365 Tools. We will then set up the Dynamics 365 Sales environment in the cloud and prepare it for the following migration. After all the necessary preparations are completed, we will carry out a so-called test migration into the cloud. Already in this phase of the migration, you could put the Dynamics 365 Sales Cloud environment through its paces and gain initial experience with your Dynamics 365 environment.

This is followed by the migration of your productive CRM environment into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud. For this purpose, the database is moved to the cloud and functionally started as well. If required, the Dynamics 365 CRM interfaces to your other systems are also put into operation. In any case, customizations to forms and ISV solution upgrades are handled. In a workshop, we will take a closer look at all the details and then work out solutions.

In the post-migration phase, we work closely together with you to analyze the Dynamics 365 system and identify how you could derive the greatest possible benefit from the system. Furthermore, we will train and prepare your IT department for the future support of the new cloud environment. Here, too, we offer our know-how. If required, we can provide complete after sales support for the Dynamics 365 environment.

Into the Cloud – Safe and secure!

IT security is a topic with a special focus in the DACH region. Many companies are reluctant to move to the cloud because of data protection and data security. Which options does Microsoft provide with Dynamics 365?

Microsoft offers data storage in Germany in the meantime and is responding to the increased demands of the German market. An independent data trustee manages the access to all customer data in Microsoft Dynamics 365’s data centers, acting as trustee and protecting the data from disclosure to third parties unless required to do so under customer law or German law. Even Microsoft has no access to customer data or data centers without the approval and monitoring of the German data trustee.

The access to customer data is exclusively controlled by the data fiduciary. Role-based control authorizes and logs access to customer data. In addition, the Trustee is responsible for providing, verifying and monitoring physical access to the data centers.

As a result, Microsoft provides a higher level of customer data protection than the current level of security implemented in companies.

With AlfaPeople you migrate your Dynamics CRM on-premise solution to Microsoft Dynamics 365 supported by AlfaPeople Tools & Services, and thereby achieve the technical transformation into the future.

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