Learn about the functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in acquisition and supply
AlfaPeople |
Nov 13, 2017

Learn about the functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in acquisition and supply

The acquisition and supply of goods and services are very important for any organization. Maintaining and developing a proper purchasing management can lead to increase profits in companies, with the right suppliers. This is why Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations helps to achieve these benefits.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations provides a complete solution to the management of purchases, management of suppliers, processing of purchase orders, in addition to the supply of products and services, starting from the requests for purchases, receipt of merchandise, of invoices and workflows for different purchasing processes.

The management of suppliers is essential for any organization. Dynamics 365 solution provides a very comprehensive tool offering a workspace to analyze records of information related to the supplier such as: purchase orders, invoices, purchase agreements, purchase requests, provider’s balance, payment history, open transactions, closed transactions, credit limit and more information you may need in real time.

Purchase requests handled by applicants themselves, within an organization with workflows, help to take different paths within the organization through the different users’ approvals, with notifications to users. And in addition, the corresponding messages will reach your email inbox, thus getting the invoices that must be checked for approval.

The suppliers’ requisitions may be approved, rejected or canceled, and keep the “responses to the requisition” with the offers that the supplier send. The organization can choose which the right provider is, and the best offer according to the criteria established. The evaluation of your purchase experience helps you to make better decisions in future purchases.

Purchase orders can be handled easily and intuitively through the different states. Knowing the status of the order, you can know how to manage it. The different queries of purchase orders offer filters and quick searches to get important information such as the detail of the lines, the purchase request from which it comes, the supplier that applies, pending and registered receipts, registered billings, advances, charges, among others.

The invoice is a document that must be handled correctly. Through workflows, it can be controlled with the approvals that apply to certain people, and this allows it to be verified before registering it. In this way, you will have better control over the flow of invoices.

In Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, we can quickly view the goods receipts through purchases or sales returns. The tool allows us to record partial receptions, see the merchandise trace with lots or serials, warehouses, locations and pallet ID, thus achieving a better logistics in the acquisition of products.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations offers a wide variety of solutions that keep information in real time, allowing you to carry out tasks easily, efficiently, quickly and reliably.