Electronic Billing for Dynamics 365 to Customers
AlfaPeople |
Feb 19, 2018

Electronic Billing for Dynamics 365 to Customers

AlfaPeople Colombia has established a strategic alliance with Terasys, a company authorized by the DIAN, focused in electronic commerce, to deliver a modern, efficient and easy-to-use electronic billing solution for Dynamics 365.

Terasys is a company with more than 11 years in the market dedicated to meet the needs of information technology through knowledge, excellence in service and experience of a team of qualified professionals, which generates solutions and mutual benefits to ease the achievement of strategic objectives.

Terasys designed the NOOVA platform, regarding the software architecture as a service, created to satisfy the communication needs in order to fulfill the UBL business standard.

Noova works as a backup tool to cover the needs of integration and communication in information systems, to support operations tied to electronic commerce.

  • Colombian Software
  • Software as a Service
  • SOA Architecture
  • User-based Security Matrix, Role Types, Roles, Permissions and custom menus
  • Multi – Companies
  • Multi – Currency
  • Inter – Company
  • Multi – Branches
  • Extraction, Transformation and Data Loading Mechanisms

Issuance of Electronic Documents

Electronic Signature Certificate:

  • Technology Provider Signature
  • Obligatory Signature to Bill Electronically

Numbering Resolutions Electronic Billing:

  • Automatic Registration of Resolutions and Numbering
  • Obtaining Technical Keys from the DIAN

Electronic Documents Issuance:

  • UBL Standard Generation
  • CUFE Generation
  • Certify with Electronic Signature
  • XML Generation and Graphic Representation (Bidimensional Code)
  • Storage of XML and PDF Records and Documents
  • Includes National Sale Invoices, Exports, Debit Notes, Credit and Contingency

Acquiring Documents Delivery:

  • Mail
  • Portal – Customer Role
  • Web Services
  • Physical – Printing Graphic Representation

Document Delivery to DIAN:

  • Online
  • In Batch

Acquiring Acknowledgment of receipt

  • Traceability
  • Conservation

Acknowledgment of receipt DIAN:

  • Traceability
  • Conservation

Reception of Electronic Documents

Reception modes:

  • Mail
  • Portal – Supplier Role
  • Web Services
  • Portal for Independent Services Providers

Electronic Document Validator:

  • Validate UBL Standard
  • Validate Electronic Signature Certificate
  • Identify CUFE
  • Identify Global Data Document

Board File

  • Mail Documents Extraction
  • Centralization CXP Electronic Documents Received
  • Visualization and Download CXP Documents
  • Acceptance or Rejection of Electronic Documents CXP
  • Transmission of CXP documents to ERP

Service levels and Infrastructure

Levels of services:

  • 24x7x365 Continuous Operation
  • Availability of Datacenter, a of 99.7% Minimum.
  • Register Cases Service Desk
  • Resolution Incidents and ITIL V3 Problems
  • Notification Process
  • Entry Identity Control
  • Follow-up on Requests and Incidents
  • Datacenter monitoring
  • Custom Reports ANS
  • Optimal Response Times
  • Contingency – Disaster Recovery Plan

Scope of Infrastructure:

  • Cloud Servers
  • Full Licensing
  • Backup Servers (Daily – Weekly – Monthly)
  • Continuous Connectivity
  • Perimeter Security
  • National Physical Datacenter
  • Datacenter Response
  • Best Practices ISO 27001
  • Electrical System
  • Cooling System
  • SSL Certificate
  • VPN Site to Site

Benefits of Integration between Microsoft Dynamics AX – 365 and Noova

  • Reduction of Costs in the Generation of Physical Invoices
  • Reduce Times and Administrative Processes
  • Rapid implementation process (less development time and validation with the Dynamics)
  • Supplier certified before the DIAN
  • Migration to other versions of Dynamics AX-365, with no additional cost
  • Sole supplier between AlfaPeople and End Client.