Create world-class digital customer experiences
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Feb 19, 2018

Create world-class digital customer experiences

Digital Customer Experiences – A customer service is doing so much more than just handling tickets, open new accounts. Customer service needs to be able to answer questions on everything from invoice, time of deliveries and stock to phone numbers – and all questions to be answered quickly and precisely. There are a lot of questions every day and often leading to employees feeling a huge pressure, that can turn into disappointed customers, bad reviews and negative comments on the company social media.

A bad customer experience is leading to, that almost half of the customers are choosing to buy somewhere else the next time and that can have quite a big effect on the company revenue. To offer a good customer experience is no longer enough – it´s expected. For the company to keep being competitive and profitable, the company has to make sure, that customer service is delivering a streamlined service to all platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn, E-mail, telephone and the like – and at the same time the customer service agents need easy access in real-time to all relevant company information in order for the single agent to deliver a great customer experience.

Artificial intelligence and bots

There is a number of different tools, that can help the agents deliver a good and competent customer service. With a CRM solution in the cloud with an integration to artificial intelligence and chatbots, you can not only deliver a good and expected customer experience – you can deliver an exceptional customer experience.

You need to deliver a coherent customer experience from the start to the end. That means that the customer does not need to wait to keep repeating their issue to a number of different agents. Furthermore, a lot of questions can be handled by self-help portals and chatbots, which reduces the number of calls to customer service. Then a single customer service agent can focus on the more complicated tickets and provide a good, consistent and competent service, that the customer will remember. This will also reduce the costs for the company, and:

  • Agents can focus on helping out with more complex issues
  • The customers do not need to stay on hold and get frustrated
  • Instead, the company can develop a good and trusting relationship with the customers

The Gartner report from 2016, Gartner Predicts a Virtual World of Exponential Change, states that artificial intelligence and chatbots will take over 85% of all interactions with customers within the coming years. And it is obvious that we have already come far. The digital customer experience with chatbots, driven by cognitive services, machine learning and artificial intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics 365 are highly increasing the customer satisfaction in the companies, who is already on the digital journey. And the lower costs definitely proofs that the investment is worth it.

Let us inspire you to take part in this journey…

Morning seminar: Create world-class digital customer experience
Join us and check out how we look at the increased customer satisfaction and cost reduction in the customer services when the company is choosing to invest in a digital solution to gain better customer satisfaction, longer customer relationship and a stronger revenue and thus happy employees.

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