Speeding up the digital transformation process in this new normal. The strategic importance of a technological …
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Aug 14, 2020

Speeding up the digital transformation process in this new normal. The strategic importance of a technological …

Deep developments in trade, negotiation, investments, among others, have given rise to what we know today as globalization. In this context, countries, institutions and people who are not prepared to assume the process of globalization and world interrelation will find themselves in less competitive conditions every day, which will directly damage their ability to survive.

The world is constantly growing, so it is required that each one take part in it by acting in international integration, to allow the world to develop without any obstacles.

It is because of this that it is appropriate to bring up the concept defined by Mac Luhan as Global Village, in which the author affirms that the mass media extend like tentacles over the human being perception of the world, and therefore you can say that we live sheltered by everything that the media build and weave around our culture.

The previous conceptual framework highlights the current new order, in which concepts such as Globalization and Innovation impact the entire business world, based on the new requirements and skills demanded by current market conditions.

With the new normal that arises from the current pandemic, the emphasis is placed on maintaining dynamism and synergy in all layers of society (State, productive sector and society), so that everyone must adapt and assume numerous modifications, one of whose axes is technological implementation.

Organizations of all sizes and types face faster changes in their business, their market and their industry. The pressure to deliver results increases exponentially, for which the high management’s line of action is to advance or stay ahead of the competition.

In this sense, digital transformation is one of the strategic demands that have gained strength and that companies aspire to undertake. In this context, companies that enable information and communication technology platforms are decisive for keeping society, corporations and ordinary people dynamic and productive in the current crisis environments, since they constitute an articulator of this adaptation and mandatory change.

Transforming a business in this way is not a basic task and requires a great deal of firmness and visionary leadership. The digital transformation process can not only be considered as a purely technological movement since it includes all the axes of the organization. It incorporates human capabilities together with operational enablers, which execute and extend human skills at the right time, and in the same way, technical capabilities: how corporations ensure the right tools are put in place for the right reasons. These human, operational and technical skills are what fuel sustainable transformations driven by appropriate technology platforms.

A notable case as an enabler of this transformation process is Microsoft, in which with a structured road map under the vision of the three clouds (Collaboration – Business Processes – Infrastructure and Analytics), made it possible to develop and consolidate collaborative work environments focused on scaling and continuous innovation.

At the component level, organizations are considering activities such as migration from local solutions to smart clouds, which include the modernization of comprehensive ERP and CRM. These solutions seek to control operations and improve the customer experience by adopting world-class technologies such as Dynamics 365 and the enablement of dynamic and flexible collaborative work environments based on Office 365, which has been established as the first step towards digital transformation.

With more than 2 decades in the Latin American market, a company like AlfaPeople, Microsoft’s Partner Gold in Business Applications, is the strategic ally on this journey.

Finally, and considering that this process must permeate all layers of society, generating synergies and equity, I want to end with the following quote from the Competitiveness Council in its annual report entitled Vision Colombia 2032:

“In 2032, Colombia will be one of the three most competitive countries in Latin America and will have a high level of income per person, equivalent to that of an upper-middle-income country, through an export economy of goods and services with high added value and innovation, with a business environment that encourages local and foreign investment, fosters regional convergence, improves formal employment opportunities, increases the quality of life and substantially reduces poverty levels.”

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