Dynamics 365 Portals

Integrating your Dynamics 365 solution with the web. Connecting your business with the world.

Dynamics 365 Portals

Self-service web portals just got easier

Dynamics 365 Portals is an unparalleled solution for simple, integrated and secure web portal creation using Microsoft Dynamics 365. With no need for deep coding and lengthy maintenance processes, your business can deliver quality end-user experiences that draw immediate business value from your state-of-the-art Microsoft CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology.

When all you want is a wonderful web portals, Dynamics 365 Portals (formerly CRM Portals) addresses two fundamental problems in digital business environments:

  • The lack of integration between web portals and a company’s data-rich CRM system
  • The unacceptable, costly and time-consuming complexities of personalized web portal creation, maintenance and use

About Dynamics 365 Portals

Unlock the benefits of the web

Engage more fluidly with external and internal parties by feeding your portals with the most precise, up-to-date information about your products, services and activities. One of the key advantages of Dynamics 365 Portals is its self-service functions, which instantly and securely draw information from your data-rich CRM platform. Importantly, Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with its own security logic, which includes a public and a private section (login). You also save web licensing costs. AlfaPeople delivers it with an out-of-the-box implementation system which will have your portals up and running in next to no time.

Bring your data-rich Portals to life on the Cloud

Bring your data-rich Portals to life on the Cloud

With our services in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, Dynamics 365 Portals is part of your Dynamics 365 package! So what’s life like on the Cloud? Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a gateway to powerful Cloud-based technologies for the effective management of your products and services. With Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform, the power of Dynamics 365 reaches new heights, providing user independence, storage, scalability and availability.

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