How can Dynamics 365 Field Service help standardize and manage technical assistance processes?
AlfaPeople |
Jun 26, 2020

How can Dynamics 365 Field Service help standardize and manage technical assistance processes?

Field Service is a personal channel that requires high involvement with the customer and is one of the most responsible for building or breaking a relationship between companies and consumers.

In this post, we will show that standardization and process management are fundamental to the quality of the service offered and that field service teams and technicians can deliver positive and memorable customer experiences with the help of Dynamics 365 Field Service, through the management of workflows.

What is the importance of standardizing and managing processes?

When receiving a visit from technical assistance, the least that the consumer expects is that his problem is solved. This is the basics that must be offered and, therefore, is not a differentiator and does not contribute as strongly to your company’s reputation and reliability. So, how to go further and offer something more and unique to your client?

Through the standardization of processes, it is possible to implement more effective, agile and satisfactory forms of service for the consumer. To this end, the company can offer training, make improvements and optimize the work routine. On the other hand, process management ensures the control and improvement of activities, thus making the standard and quality of the service provided effective.

Efficiency and continuous improvement

The standardization of processes allows, for example, the company to identify a particularly efficient way of working and serving and to actively act so that the whole team can work like this.

Employees can better evaluate and study the execution of all processes, since, based on standardization, the service steps obey a predefined order, this also facilitates monitoring by the company, which starts to identify and correct failures quickly, because, with everything documented and following a certain pattern, the perception of errors is facilitated and quickly corrected.

Metrify processes to standardize them

Without standardization, many processes can be lost because, during a field visit, the company may not be aware of exactly how this problem was solved. Thus, points for improvement or new ideas for procedures may not be identified in a timely manner.

Therefore, metrification and monitoring of these metrics are fundamental points for the implementation of standardization of processes. This can be done through platforms developed especially for these purposes.

This is the case with Field Service, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 module. It connects each of the parties involved in the process with dynamism and agility, increasing the productivity and effectiveness of the teams and the company. In addition, as it is focused on technical field assistance, the Field Service presents specific features such as the possibility of quickly and easily configuring the standard script to be followed according to the type of service – which is then presented to the field service technician.

In this way, from the scheduling until the conclusion of the service, Dynamics 365 Field Service monitors and measures everything, helping the company to reach its maximum power through standardization of services.

As we have shown, the management and standardization of services contribute to the growth of the company and to the constant improvement of the team and routines for field service. After all, as consumer demands grow, technology also evolves, and you can count on features like Dynamics 365 Field Service to go even further.

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