AlfaPeople Start&Go Customer Service: Discover the Features and Integrations
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Apr 12, 2022

AlfaPeople Start&Go Customer Service: Discover the Features and Integrations

The AlfaPeople Start&Go™ Customer Service is a complete, integrated solution that provides exceptional, personalized, seamless service to delight your customers. Have you heard about this solution and what are the advantages for your business? Let’s find out together!

Why is it necessary to invest in customer service automation?

We live in the so-called “age of the customer”, whose market trends are changing the way we do business and, above all, how we serve our audience. The statement by AlfaPeople’s Business Development Manager, Flávio Vasconcelos, reflects the moment and also the great concern of companies with this scenario: how to make Customer Service improve the customer experience and their engagement with brands.

“Customers are increasingly informed about this experience—everyone is more connected and social than ever before, and information flows with ease. In fact, it is estimated that it will supplant price and product as the main differentiator of a brand”, he adds. While providing a differentiated experience becomes a decisive factor, competition is also growing. Changing providers is as easy as one click on a web page.

Vasconcelos says that to reconcile these two factors and beat the competition, it is necessary to work harder and more efficiently. “One of the biggest productivity-drains out there is task switching. There are studies that show that at least 40% of employee time is wasted on switching between one task to another.”

Investment in automation allows you to be at the customer’s side in immediate ways, including email, chatbots, portals and more. You can use differentiated services aligned with your customer’s expectations. “The customer is no longer just one, and becomes unique”, explains the specialist. It is thus possible to transform your audience’s experience with a single, centralized view directed to their needs. “No matter the channel, it will be served exclusively, quickly, objectively and, most importantly, your voice will be heard”, says Vasconcelos.

What is AlfaPeople Start&Go™ Customer Service and what are its features?

Start&Go is a solution developed by AlfaPeople that guarantees the operation of a contact center within five weeks, bringing the best market practices to your company. The tool aims to deliver a package of predefined features and services to the customer. The foundation of these capabilities is Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE, a Microsoft world-class platform.

Vasconcelos explains that the Start&Go™ Customer Service brings together a quick deployment strategy, predefined features and processes, training content, deployment and support services. This complete package includes:

  • Customer Management (Individual and Legal Persons);
  • Occurrence Management;
  • SLA management;
  • Queue Management;
  • Service Catalog;
  • Knowledge Base Management;
  • Activity Management (emails, tasks, appointments, phone calls, chats, among others);
  • Process management through service flow automation, serving all stages of customer service, areas involved and complete monitoring of each stage and phase.

Another highlight is the native integrations that the tool already offers, with Microsoft 365, email, Office suite, social networks, Microsoft platform, Azure, chats, portals and much more.

What are the Start&Go™ Customer Service differentials and how do they increase customer satisfaction?

The great differentiator of AlfaPeople Start&Go™ Customer Service functionalities — when compared to other CRM solutions — is the sum of all the power of the Microsoft platform, together with the resources of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE. That’s because it combines AlfaPeople’s experience with this world-class product.

“We developed a solution with this platform using our knowledge of years of implementation, hundreds of projects delivered and, above all, having a modern, scalable product that is always aligned with all market trends”, says the specialist.

Vasconcelos explains that, in all the years of experience he has with projects, he has always advised on the need to have a solid tripod, which includes tools, people and processes. “This well-aligned and targeted structure is the engine for customer satisfaction.” In the age of the customer, this allows brands to stand out from the competition, bringing a unique, differentiated experience in line with the customer’s desires, engaging and retaining them.

How does it help optimize service across multiple channels?

When it comes to customer service, wherever they are, omnichannel is one of the most sought-after concepts today. “My channel doesn’t exist anymore. It’s the customer’s channel and when he needs it”, says Vasconcelos.

Alfapeople Start&Go™ Customer Service was developed using the Microsoft platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE, which natively already have advanced resources, tested and approved by the market for the construction of the omnichannel. Thus, only one supplier delivers all the necessary resources so that the service can be provided in person, email, chat, phone call, chatbots, portals, messages and others.

“In this way, I deliver to the service team a unique tool, optimized for their service needs and with all the resources at hand. Clients have a range of service possibilities through the whichever channel they prefer”, he adds. All of this on one platform, from a single supplier that will monitor the entire service process of the company with total scalability and security.

What are the advantages of hiring the Microsoft system through AlfaPeople?

The main benefit of hiring AlfaPeople, in relation to other companies, is that it serves you at all stages of the process, regardless of your demands. “From the help to have a vision of your real need, the construction of your digitalization journey and the licensing that will be necessary in each phase, to the entire implementation process with a Microsoft Gold Partner that can deliver your project with onshore and offshore resources”, Vasconcelos explains.

More than customizing Microsoft solutions, AlfaPeople’s customers can count on a team of technology, business, and management specialists who support not only customization, but also carry out the customization to find the best way to use the company’s platform, Microsoft, at its fullness and potential. “Solutions must be molded to customer needs, not the other way around. In this way, I will have a solution that serves my company, my clients, and that will accompany me at all stages of life.”

After the Start&Go™ Customer Service has been implemented, it is possible to have AlfaPeople support available to answer technical and business questions. This team specializes in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution and platform.

Nowadays, to survive all the changes that are taking place in the world in various areas, a company needs to be very focused on its product, services, its customers, and business growth. “For this reason, it becomes necessary for AlfaPeople to step in and deliver its expertise and solutions to customers. AlfaPeople understands the process and will be able to lead your company on this arduous journey” adds the specialist.

AlfaPeople implements Microsoft world-class platforms and products, which are fully customized to the customer, while meeting the strictest technology, innovation, security and compliance requirements, helping partners to achieve their goals. AlfaPeople Start&Go™ Customer Service is the union of all this, with a low-cost and a fast implementation.

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