Application Management Service: What if your go-to IT solution manager walked out on you?
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Oct 10, 2018

Application Management Service: What if your go-to IT solution manager walked out on you?

If you’re depending on one person, then you’re taking on a high risk

Fact #1: All businesses today depend on IT solutions to some extent.
Fact #2: More and more companies use IT solutions to support the company’s core business.
Fact #3: The proportion of companies whose IT solutions are business-critical is growing.

If fact 1, 2 or 3 is relevant to you, then you know that IT solutions and IT operations are a key parameter for competitiveness and that the use of technology for business is a journey which you simply cannot face on your own.

With greater control over your IT, your business can concentrate more acutely on product or service delivery. If you don’t have control over your IT… yes, it’s likely that parts of your core business are suffering. Or at least not performing as they should.

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As IT has moved further and deeper into business, the IT delivery model has also changed.

We don’t need to go back that far in time to when it was common for a company to have sole responsibility over its Microsoft Dynamics solution, or perhaps that task was handled by an in-house consultant. Let’s be clear: There’s nothing wrong with these two models. They have long stood the test of time and proven their worth. But that has all changed now!

If you accept the premise that your Microsoft Dynamics platform is a key part of your company’s business – see fact #2 and especially #3 – you also need to assess the risk associated with operating and developing that platform.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can potentially reap a lot of benefits associated with cloud technology. Among other outcomes, this means minimal operating costs combined with a full slate of future-proof work tools, frameworks and new technology packages incorporating artificial intelligence, machine learning, bots, etc. But the value is only a possibility if you’re not acting. The opportunity must be grasped by some human hands, somewhere in your commercial and operation strategy, if it’s to make a difference.

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If it’s only your internal resources or your in-house consultant who knows your IT platform and solutions in depth, where is the business left if and when a key employee leaves the company? At worst, strategic or operational work is not being done. And if there’s something that we can all agree on, it’s about the visible impact these situations have on you the bottom line.

When you work intelligently with a Dynamics partner, you don’t depend on one person. The partner offers you a pool of resources – a team of experts that not only oversees daily operations, but also allocates resources for development tasks with a focus on the company as well as the Microsoft’s roadmap for Dynamics platforms. And maybe that’s the biggest difference between what was the norm then and what’s happening now. And so the most important message of this blog post is:

IT design, IT operations, IT maintenance and IT development are no longer a task for a dedicated in-house team. It has become a task for a whole team of complementary IT experts that have local insights, a global vision and unrivalled skills to continually enhance the quality of the company’s overall operations.

AlfaPeople’s Application Maintenance Service – AMS eliminates dependency on one person, offering strong operational stability, supporting business growth and strengthening your competitiveness.

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