AlfaPeople, a diverse, global workplace with a focus on empowerment and leadership
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Jun 29, 2023

AlfaPeople, a diverse, global workplace with a focus on empowerment and leadership

Global workplace – With offices in 14 countries and operations across borders, AlfaPeople is a global company with a focus on giving employees the project and development opportunities they seek in their careers.

Luke Broad is Senior Consultant at AlfaPeople’s office in Copenhagen, Denmark, and he moved to the Danish capital for that specific reason—opportunities.

»For me the biggest reason for moving to Denmark was to explore new opportunities, giving me a broader view of what I want to do and who I want to be,« says Luke Broad, who’s originally from the United Kingdom

He is joined by Solution Architect, ERP at AlfaPeople Deniz Celan, who had years of experience working with business technologies but wanted to try something new and also joined AlfaPeople’s office in Copenhagen.

One of the main attractions for Turkish Deniz Celan was that AlfaPeople works with global customers and not only local businesses. »We’re working with global customers every day. That’s what really convinced me to come here, that it’s an international business,« he says.

Different people with different backgrounds

The global aspect of the whole company is very much reflected in the Copenhagen office, Luke Broad explains, where people from many different backgrounds come together providing a unique approach to problem-solving.

»Our work is very centered around problem solving and providing the customer with the best experience possible. When you have all these people from such diverse backgrounds it gives us the ability to see a problem from many different perspectives. For example I will share a thought or an idea and I will hear and see completely different views on it,« he says.

Over 450 certified consultants red

Both Luke Broad and Deniz Celan describe the Danish office as a melting of cultures that helps accelerate everyone’s ability to perform from a work perspective.

»There are so many different life experiences to learn from, and that’s unique and fantastic,« Deniz Celan says.

Global oworkplace with empowerment and leadership

AlfaPeople has 625 employees worldwide, including over 450 certified consultants, and the company’s ambition is to offer every employee a space for growth and development in one of the economy’s most exciting industries.

»AlfaPeople want to empower you to make decisions and take leadership. The company supports me and trusts that I know what to do,« explains Luke Broad.

International Project Implementation 1

Deniz Celan adds that he’s never seen anyone refuse to listen or help with an issue.

»You never feel alone. You do the job together as a team. Sometimes you do big tasks, sometimes you do small tasks. It doesn’t matter. But it’s important that you never feel alone. And you know that people will listen to you. They will try to find a solution,« he says.

Keep building confidence

According to Deniz Celan, AlfaPeople employees are some of the best and most experienced people in the industry. This results in significant internal and external benefits.

»If you need help implementing a Microsoft business technology, AlfaPeople is a good choice. We’ve got the expertise to solve almost every problem a modern business might face, and every employee has the platform to do just that.«

Luke Broad agrees.


»I feel so empowered to take leadership, take ownership, and I have a big support network of knowledgeable colleagues that I can easily tap into it and just keep building confidence in helping our clients.«

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If you have been inspired by how we work at AlfaPeople, we invite you to explore more about us and what it is like to be part of our team. Whether you are actively seeking new opportunities, or simply intrigued to learn more about our organization, we would be thrilled to connect with you. To discover how AlfaPeople could be the perfect place for your talent and passion to thrive, please reach out to us here or check out our open positions on our careers page.