Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Change Management
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Sep 17, 2018

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Change Management

What should your company do to stay competitive in a globalized market? It must incorporate the technological changes that facilitate the work of the employees and integrate the information of the client. An ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps improve productivity and allows the integration of customer information to optimize management. In addition, its implementation facilitates change management.

One of the biggest challenges in technological transformations is to overcome the staff’s doubts about the change. Doing things in a different way always generates resistance, and an ERP can be one of the most influential agents of change since it modifies the way in which companies perform their operation and the way of working of employees. Consequently, an ERP requires an appropriate acceptance by functional users for its correct implementation, hence the importance of a solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365: it is integrative, adaptable to each industry or business, scalable and easy to manage.

But what is an ERP system?

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are an integrated software system for business management. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP is composed of a set of modules that adapt to the needs of the organization such as finance and operations, sales, marketing, project automation, and customer service.

Microsoft has put at the service of organizations an application that has evolved with respect to other business solutions: Dynamics 365 is a business software based on the cloud, which combines ERP and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) administration based on the client, a true integral platform for digital transformation.

This business solution allows to cross the ERP and CRM business information in the cases in which they are required. It is an integrated information system to support decision making.

An advantage of this application is that it is a flexible technology that can be adapted to any company or business: a great advantage because its implementation generates less resistance to organizational change. Employees have less resistance to change when what already exists is considered.

The ERP Dynamics 365 incorporates the design of applications that have been successful in the use of mobile devices. It turns out to be a more familiar technology for users that favors connectivity, thus facilitating collaborative work and optimizing performance.

Benefits of ERP Dynamics 365

  • Mobility: The new generation of Microsoft business solutions is based on the cloud, which allows working from any geographical location, connect in real time from any device. This facilitates collaborative work and increases productivity.
  • Scalability: Microsoft Dynamics 365 starts with a set of basic functions that can be expanded according to business needs. Companies can start with applications related to production, marketing and customer service.
  • Efficiency in contracting: The company only pays for the employed functionalities, which increases efficiency in the use of technological resources.
  • Integration with other business tools: Microsoft Dynamics 365 incorporates business intelligence tools such as Power BI and Cortana that help companies focus on their goals by providing predictive analytics and decision-making advice.

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