Achieve Your Business Goals. Digitally Transform Your IT Services
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Dec 11, 2018

Achieve Your Business Goals. Digitally Transform Your IT Services

ITSM, the IT Service Management solution, is gaining more and more popularity among enterprises. Why is that? IT departments have long since ceased to be traditional suppliers of hardware and software. They are now expected to be familiar with the workflows of specialist departments in order to deliver suitable software and process consulting services. IT departments must act cost-effectively and flexibly. Given today’s complexity, this is not always easy. But it can be done ? with Provance ITSM.

Provance ITSM extends the powerful and intuitive Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Platform with a flexible and cost-effective solution. Thanks to the native integration of the customer engagement platform to Microsoft Office 365, Provance ITSM is optimised for use with Microsoft Intelligent Business Cloud solutions and System Centre. You can capitalize on the combination of both systems.

Achieve your business goals

Provide fast and knowledgeable answers to inquiries and do this as automatically as possible? With the Provance ITSM solution you can meet this requirement. We will show you how you can create outstanding response times with as little effort as possible using automatic processes. Automation frees up time, which employees can spend on other tasks. This saves time and money.

Everything at a glance

Provance ITSM Suite includes options for the capture of requests, management of assets, services, escalation handling, SLA times and the history of assets and tickets. The functionality of Microsoft Customer Engagement allows all important information to be summarized and graphically displayed on the dashboard, the home page of the system. The practical Drill Down function makes it easy to add further information as required.

The display of remaining SLA times helps you avoid violating agreements with your customers. Provance ITSM Suite features extensive configuration and parameterisation capabilities. Different SLA times can be set for each customer, location, end user or for each type of ticket (Incident, Service Request, Change Request, Problem). To avoid SLA violations, different thresholds can be defined and combined with different associated actions. For example, an email can be sent to a ticket agent when 70 percent of the SLA time has elapsed. It is also possible to forward the ticket to an escalation team when a threshold value is reached, so that this team takes the necessary steps to resolve the problem.

The complete asset lifecycle plays an elementary role in ITSM. Assets can be effectively managed with Provance ITSM Suite, where Life Cycle Actions and the integration of the Business Process Flow play an important role. You use these features to control standardized Retire, Plan, Request, Procure, Receive, and Manage statuses. The actions Swap, Release, Retire, Dispose, Return, Move and Install allow you to control the typical scenarios in the company for asset management. Provance ITSM Suite uses the ITIL standardized asset status and implements it in the solution.

Software Management

Provance ITSM Suite gives you an overview of your software and the licenses you use. Key functions include:

  • Determination of licenses used
  • Determination of available licenses
  • Compliance check

By determining the licenses used, you get an overview of the software installed in your company. Provance ITSM Suite also allows you to access more detailed information on the licenses used via the report functions. The report function is freely configurable and can include for example information about the location, period of use and end users of the license.

Start the digital transformation of your IT services now with Provance ITSM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AlfaPeople.

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