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Client Success Stories
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
    Erik Hoiden, AlfaPeople's Managing Partner, explains Microsoft Power 365, and upgrade options.
  • AlfaPeople Blog Microsoft Flow 2017
    Microsoft Flow is a platform that allows users to connect apps and services through automated workflows, share information, synchronize data, and create notifications. Many other tasks are also available and are constantly being expanded by Microsoft. It’s easy to get started. Navigate to in your browser and register for free.
  • AlfaPeople Retail Solution_Modern POS
    How can customer needs be better understood and satisfied? We at AlfaPeople have been working intensively for a long time on solutions to exactly this challenge.
  • Você precisa de um Call Center com atendimento de qualidade em um menor tempo?
    Os consumidores estão cada vez mais exigentes. Hoje o atendimento precisa ser personalizado, proativo, em um menor tempo. Conheça o Unfied Service Desk da Microsoft, um agente universal de atendimento que centraliza todas as informações e recursos necessários para o operador de seu Call Center.
  • Taylor Aust, AlfaPeople's Trade & Logistics Consult, explains Microsoft Power BI
    Power BI is a set of business analysis tools that puts knowledge within the reach of the entire organization. Connection to hundreds of data sources, simplified data preparation, generation of ad hoc analysis.
  • Customer Success Story: Ultima Business Solutions
  • Get Started with Power BI by Microsoft
    In this video with Marion Kelly, Senior Dynamics 365 Consultant, learn about the features of Power BI.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 - how the platform makes a difference to retailers
    Many retailers are challenged by the digital transformation and overwhelmed with the amount of big data. See Henrik Bo, Principal Consultant in AlfaPeople, explain how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can make a great difference to retailers and their business processes within mar