Migrate from on-premises business applications to unlock cost savings and innovations

Are you aware of the high costs associated with maintaining on-premises business applications that are no longer up to date? Holding on to outdated technology incurs significant financial expenses and hinders your organization´s potential for innovation and expansion. Liberating your business from these constraints allows you to adopt cloud technology´s cutting-edge solutions. Embrace this change by opting for a migration, to modernize your infrastructure, opening the door to new opportunities and growth.  

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Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, bringing opportunities for companies to grow, optimize, and stand out in an increasingly competitive market. If you haven’t considered migrating to the cloud yet, here’s why it’s time to do so. 

The future is here, and it’s in the cloud! 

Hidden costs of not migrating

Imagine a place where your data flows seamlessly. You can access your business from any corner of the world, and each update represents improvement rather than a headache. That place is the cloud. By migrating, you are adapting to modern times and opening the door to endless opportunities for growth and optimization. If you’re still on the fence about the decision, consider this: the future is already here, and it is in the cloud.


Maintenance and hardware updates


Licensing costs


Security and compliance


Limited scalability


Availability and downtime


Lack of flexibility


Technical personnel costs


Loss of innovation


Limited integration and collaboration


Data loss risk

AlfaPeople and Microsoft help

Not sure how to get started?

AlfaPeople and Microsoft are here to assist. Embark on your cloud journey with a fast, simple, and complimentary migration assessment. This initial step will facilitate:

  • Understand the hidden costs of your operation.  
  • Comprehend the benefits of transitioning from an on-premises solution to the cloud.
  • Identify business objectives and link them to Dynamics 365 functionality. 
  • Get a cost versus savings comparison. 
  • Know the ROI of the project.
  • Determine your next steps towards cloud transformation. 
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“I spend a lot of time dealing with different systems that didn´t integrate or share data.” 

“I feel like I’m running my business using only the rearview mirror.”

“If we make changes to our systems, it will disrupt our business and cash flow.”

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