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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement
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Integrate, Consolidate, Deliver

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement is a market-leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that arms your organization with a powerful set of front office tools to improve and expand the business you do with your customers. In an increasingly competitive digital business environment, D365 for Customer Engagement can boldly drive your organization toward its growth and profit targets by integrating daily activities and consolidating crucial customer, product and third-party data in one common and secure database. As a leading global solutions expertAlfaPeople delivers Microsoft CRM products and services tailored to your specific business and industry needs. Unleash Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement with us today!

Boost profitability with powerful, personalized interactions

CRM is a comprehensive set of systems and strategies for businesses in need of greater control over their daily activities and broader insight into their engagement with customers, clients, partners and providers. With tools to streamline and automate fundamental aspects of your operations, Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement is Microsoft’s CRM solution for excellence in SalesMarketingCustomer Service and Field Service. With the key features of Microsoft CRM, you can:

Focus your resources on high-value interactions and projects

With state-of-the-art tools to streamline your daily processes, Microsoft’s CRM technology is your ticket to intelligent management and ultimately better business. When you operate with a comprehensive understanding of your customers, you know when, where and how to focus the resources at your disposal at any point in service supply chain. To top things off, Microsoft Dynamics 365’s CRM is a leading force in innovations such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, meaning many of your daily processes and interactions can simply be delegated to the technology. Don’t get caught up in messy processes and their messy outcomes — operate and evolve with the right business technology!

Fuel customer satisfaction and brand renown

In the era of the customer, the quality of your business’s core products or services can often play second fiddle to the experiences customers have with your service infrastructure and staff. When you deploy the full force of CRM, your customers can engage with you on their terms — for instance via a self-service portal where they can instantly access account or product information, or have their queries quickly addressed through automation. And for anything major, they can engage directly with staff who are no longer caught up resolving routine minor cases.

Reap the commercial benefits

Microsoft CRM is all about establishing and maintaining suitable customer engagement strategies for your business to reach its full commercial potential sooner rather than later. CRM suits businesses that truly understand the value of digital transformation and commercial evolution. Not only can it reduce your operational costs, it can also improve the overall integrity of your products and services by focusing your business’s core activities acutely on the customer.

Operate securely

Security is fundamental for the success of businesses in the digital era. Now more than even, you need technology supported by broader systems of data protection and system security. CRM technology allows managers or IT staff to customize internal access to data. And since it’s centralized, you won’t have to worry about data conflicts or islands. You’re also safe in the Cloud! Microsoft’s Cloud servers are protected by state-of-the-art security operations, meaning you get built-in security with your ERP.

Dynamics 365 CRM solutions for Customer Service

Customer-facing businesses cannot expect to stay relevant in the digital era without an integrated, centralized database of customer data and interactions. With Microsoft’s CRM technology, you can engage with customers across channels using a range of self-service and automation tools, like AI service bots. You’ll benefit from surveys, integration with social media and Outlook, and a full 360-degree view of your customers. Get moving! Improve the business you do with your customers, today!

Dynamics 365 CRM solutions for Sales

Few sales teams operate with enough insight into what customers buy, or when and why they stop buying. Microsoft’s CRM technology for sales allows businesses to better understand, control and build their pipelines using a common database and tools for personalized, profit-driven customer experiences. Don’t delay – Unpack the benefits of CRM for Sales!

Dynamics 365 CRM solutions for Field Service

Customer satisfaction is increasingly setting businesses, their brands and their bottom lines, apart from their competitors. Microsoft’s CRM for Field Service technology brings together the very best and latest in service technology so you can offer fast, efficient and brand-building services to meet the growing demand among customers for near instant case resolution. Discover how Microsoft’s IoT and predictive tools can fuel your operations!

Dynamics 365 CRM solutions for Marketing

Marketing teams are constantly struggling to determine the best focus for their campaigns. With Microsoft’s CRM technology for Marketing, marketeers can make bolder decisions with real-time insights into how and where leads are engaging with offerings. Microsoft’s Marketing CRM comes with a universe of built-in functions and add-ons for planning and tracking so you can gain full control of your customers’ journeys. Dive into CRM for Marketing, today!

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