My Path to AlfaPeople
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Mar 14, 2018

My Path to AlfaPeople

My connection with AlfaPeople began in 2009. Back then, the company I was working for as a developer chose AlfaPeople as their partner to migrate and implement Dynamics 4.0. This was no small feat, for it was a multinational company and management’s wish was for all of their branches to unify operations under a single ERP.

A multinational/multi-company group of developers was created to learn Dynamics’ native programming language, and AlfaPeople’s consultants were the ones who showed us how to use the ERP and program within it. These were my first steps in Microsoft Dynamics.

The success of the migration and implementation allowed me to rise up the ranks professionally, becoming head of development for Chile. In addition, I was also in charge of system maintenance.

Nine years have passed since this successful experience begun, and I’ve been a member of the AlfaPeople family for the last three. Thanks to this connection and their trust in my skills and knowledge, I eventually joined the company’s Product area. This area is mainly responsible for the Localization in Chile of the ERP and of Products such as Standardized Electronic Invoicing, Import Module, Advanced Banking Reconciliation and Office Banking, among others.

Last year, management proposed an even greater challenge: to be the first ones in Latin America to have our products in the new version of Dynamics, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, which immediately motivated us to reach our goal.

After spending a couple of weeks adapting to the new work scenario – it is a Web-based platform with self-training – we managed to get a hang of things and carry out the first migration from our Localization in Microsoft Dynamics 2012 R3 to the first version of Dynamics 365 (known as AX 7 at the time).

But, our work did not end there, for the idea was for Microsoft to certify our version, thus, becoming the first partners to ever have their localization certified, but in order to do so, we had to radically change our way of working under the new Microsoft standards, applying what’s known as extensibility.

I can proudly say that our work team achieved the first Localization in Latin America certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations within the scheduled timeframe, and we already have customers who are using this ERP. After achieving our goal, we provided support to our branches in Colombia and Panama to also help them obtain the same results.

Currently, we are working hard on a localization for Peru, as well as constantly updating our localization according to the latest version of the system.

In summary, thanks to my experience I can say that AlfaPeople is a modern company. They gave me the real and unique chance to obtain a professional certification. AlfaPeople makes it easy to balance work and family life thanks to their Home Office option, an alternative that provides room to grow both personally and professionally, when necessary. The company provides all the necessary tools to reach your objectives. All of this is what makes it possible for the AlfaPeople family to obtain huge wins like the one we got together back in 2009.

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