Why now is the best time to move your business to the cloud
AlfaPeople |
Aug 08, 2018

Why now is the best time to move your business to the cloud

This is the best time to move your business to the cloud because your customers want “simple”.

They want to buy their jeans online with the option to try them on in the store. They want to order a new tablet… from their phone. And they want to upgrade their camping gear???with a click.

But you can only create that type of shopping experience if you and your retail team have access to fast, transparent data at all points of your retail business.

That’s where AlfaPeople and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud services come in.

How does the cloud work for retail businesses?

When you move your business operations to the cloud, you shift from traditional in-house hardware to internet-based functions. That switch provides your staff with instant access to data, inventory, and back-office functions ? anywhere, anytime, on any device.

And depending on your business needs, your cloud services may be as simple as paying for data storage and networking bandwidth on a remote server to integrating a fully managed cloud solutions plan.

Whatever approach you need, your AlfaPeople cloud system specialist will guide you toward the best solution for your business.

Eliminate the disconnect

Traditional data management systems work in isolation. For example, ERPs and CRMs function as separate silos. But as customer expectations climb, and retailers respond by creating data-based shopping experiences, it?s imperative that the two systems work together.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud-based system, your ERP and CRM work in unison, giving you a complete, accurate view of your business ? from inventory to quarterly reports ? all in one place.

Must-haves to move your business to the cloud

When you make the transition to the cloud, you?ll need the right “tools” to meet your business demands. Your AlfaPeople expert will tailor your cloud-based system and ensure you get all the key features:

  • Powerful internet capabilities: to accommodate peak-traffic demand and future business growth
  • Backup and disaster recovery: to ensure uninterrupted service ? even if the primary system goes down
  • Software updates: to stay current with industry changes
  • Remote access ability: to maximize collaboration on all device types
  • Iron-clad security: to ensure the highest level of network and stored data protection

You?ll also get a provider you can trust. AlfaPeople is a market leader in cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics solutions. In fact, for over 10 years, they?ve set up retail businesses worldwide with proven managed-server support and resources.

Why retailers love Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud functions

To keep up with super-connected customers, retailers are turning to the cloud to manage their businesses. Once they make the move, they enjoy the benefits that come with Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud-based services.

  • User-friendly features: Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system, which provides an easy-to-use dashboard and customizable features, is?similar to?the email and social media platforms you use every day.
  • Flexible payment plans: Your AlfaPeople specialist will tailor your service plan to include all the core processing power and data storage you need ? at a predictable monthly fee.
  • Upgrades with a click: During your busy seasonal periods, you can access new storage or processing capabilities quickly and easily.
  • Reduced overhead:?By moving to the cloud, you avoid upfront investments in, for example, data center infrastructure and the ongoing maintenance of traditional IT hardware.

Additionally, once you transition to the cloud, you?ll have all the support you need from your AlfaPeople representative.

Cloud services equal retail success

As the pace of retail increases and customer expectations skyrocket, retailers need to respond to data results with greater speed and accuracy. And that requires a super-fast, efficient cloud-based system.

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