6 reasons to fall in love with Microsoft Dynamics 365
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Feb 14, 2018

6 reasons to fall in love with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Of all the variables to consider when evaluating an enterprise IT solution – hardware, software, maintenance, support, and cost – Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a powerful counterpoint. That is because, as a cloud-based solution, it avoids the large up-front capital outlay of in-house infrastructure. If you are considering alternatives to existing ERP/CRM solutions, compare the following key attributes:

  • 1 – Familiarity

Microsoft Dynamics 365 simplifies the process of switching to a new enterprise platform. Since it follows a similar framework and user interface of previous Microsoft solutions, it lets users build upon existing Microsoft experience and shortens the learning curve, letting them be more productive, sooner. And since Dynamics 365 is designed to work hand-in-hand with Microsoft Excel, users can manage, manipulate, and evaluate Dynamics 365 data using their existing spreadsheets.

  • 2 – Seamless integration

Unlike independent ERP and CRM systems that segregate data into separate silos, Microsoft D365 integrates operational, financial, and customer/prospect data together in one common database format. That makes it easier for you to chart and analyze the impacts various operational, financial, and marketing influences can have on your sales success and your bottom line.

And as part of the larger Microsoft portfolio, Dynamics 365 integrates well with other Microsoft solutions. It also uses the Application Integration Framework (AIF) to integrate with external software systems.

  • 3 – Built-in intelligence

Several addition intelligent capabilities accelerate the value of that data by making it more useful to users.

  • Power BI (Business Intelligence) makes it easy to organize data, reports, and forecasts that speed the process of developing new strategic approaches to business challenges. It can compare complex financial metrics around a project or application, and display the results is easy-to-understand dashboards that can be customized by each user and viewed from anywhere.
  • Cortana Intelligence, Microsoft’s predictive intelligence suite, complements D365 functionality with the power of artificial intelligence. For example, you can use it with Dynamics 365 internal data and data from external sources to generate customer relationship management tactics based on trends indicated by system data.
  • 4 – Industry-specific advantages

Beyond the power of an integrated solution and built-in intelligence, specialized features of Dynamics 365 makes it easier to support the needs of specific industries – retail and fashion, professional services, manufacturing, financial, the public sector, and others.

  • 5 – Scalability

As a cloud-based solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables your organization to meet its computing needs without having to make a large capital investment in new system infrastructure. You can pay as you go, spending only for what you need to support today’s needs. Yet, you can quickly scale up to accommodate organic growth or seasonal peak demand.

  • 6 – Flexibility to grow

Microsoft Dynamics 365 also provides accesses to specialized capabilities that can amplify the value of your investment.

  • Add-on resources, like Microsoft Social Engagement and the Dynamics 365 Customer Service App expand your ability to engage with customers and prospects online.
  • Industry-specific apps available from the Microsoft AppSource include many vertical market applications developed by specialists in those industries.

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