NZZ X.Days: Digitization – What Really Matters?
AlfaPeople |
Apr 08, 2019

NZZ X.Days: Digitization – What Really Matters?

This year’s X.Days in Interlaken, Switzerland focused on the question: What really matters in Digitization? We had the chance to participate in this exclusive event and wish to share some insights about our conversations and impressions about the core topic.

The X.Days offered us a taste of what’s possible from a technological point of view, both immediately and into the future. Exciting, high-caliber sessions put the spotlight on strategic questions that we need to address when dealing with digitization:

  • How do established companies manage their digital transformation?
  • What are the strategic opportunities and threats of digitization?
  • How can individuals and teams benefit from digitization?
  • Digital platforms at the heart of enterprise IT
  • Insights into the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Value shifts, future mindsets and toolkits – what does digitization hold for tomorrow’s customers?
  • Latest technologies and their importance for a wide variety of industries

Throughout our discussions with participants of the X.Days, the following questions came up frequently:

  • Can existing system data be processed by AI?
  • What needs to be done with the collected data to successfully master digitization?
  • What might sustainable business models look like?

We at AlfaPeople already have many of the answers to these questions and challenges, which we incorporate into our consulting services and support. This is good news for Swiss companies because the NZZ X.Days reinforced one key argument: the Swiss economy is currently experiencing a digitization craze and is relying more and more on strong, reliable partnerships. AlfaPeople looks forward to guiding and accompanying you with our know-how.

Many thanks to all customers and partners who welcomed us at the NZZ X.Days. Thanks also to the speakers for their exciting sessions. To name but a few, Rachel Botsman is one of the 50 most influential management authorities worldwide. In her latest book “Who Can You Trust?” she focuses on digitization as one of the greatest social turning points in human history. Andrew McAfee, scientific director at the MIT Sloan School of Management, examined how computer technologies are transforming the economy and society as part of digitization. And Annabelle Gawer, Chair of Digital Economy at the University of Surrey, gave insights into the digital economy.

We look forward to welcoming you again at next year’s NZZ X.Days!