New Senior Business Consultant at AlfaPeople Germany
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Dec 11, 2017

New Senior Business Consultant at AlfaPeople Germany

“Hello, I’m the new guy”. This is how Detlef Bieda’s journey at AlfaPeople in Herford started a very long time ago – but according to the calendar not until the beginning of November. Right from the start, Detlef Bieda was fully involved in the team and daily business. His previous work experience has certainly helped him a lot.

It all started after graduation in a small system house. Much of the theory of modern software development (from university) met with practice in the form of membership management software for a trade union. This involved client and server software as well as data exchange and transaction processing of the new member data records.

In the further course, he then changed his orientation to enterprise resource planning, first with Sage KHK, then with XAL (at that time Damgaard). In addition to business processes and software development, Detlef Bieda was also interested in the technique and technologies around the core software. He also dealt with topics from the areas of communication solutions, operating systems, database management systems, infrastructure, and much more. Connected with this, his first implementation and migration projects started.

At the beginning of the millennium, a new ERP software was launched on the German market: Axapta. The first projects started relatively quickly with the new system so that he had many opportunities to grow into various areas of the new software and its deployment.

Following his move to a Hamburg-based system house, Detlef Bieda was frequently used by existing customers. He noted that he was able to benefit from his previous experience there and that this is his focus area. The task was to understand the customers, the ERP software, and the existing environment.

From then on, it took some time and projects until Detlef Bieda was able to take care of the existing customer support almost exclusively.

This partial success was also only a start into the next round. Detlef Bieda was and had to gain a lot of experience in establishing an existing customer management system. It is a project on the one hand, but on the other hand, it is not. And not everyone who is successful in projects is also good in support.

Detlef Bieda sees the chance, together with the AlfaPeople team and its experiences and conceptions to bring the existing customer support to another higher level. He would like to seize this opportunity.