AlfaPeople is Supporting Cykelnerven Supporting the Sclerosis Association
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May 24, 2018

AlfaPeople is Supporting Cykelnerven Supporting the Sclerosis Association

Denmark’s toughest charity cycle race runs the yearly crucial stages of the Tour de France in favor of the Sclerosis Association. When the Tour de France riders in June are battling the legendary mountains like Col de Tourmalet, close to 300 Danish cyclists have a few weeks before defeated the same mountains for a world without sclerosis. AlfaPeople is a co-sponsor of Cykelnerven 2018.

When 300 dedicated cyclists from the Cykelnerven occupy the French mountains for the benefit of sclerosis, it is with the help of AlfaPeople. AlfaPeoplehas donated 41,000 Danish Kroner to Cykelnerven Midtsjælland.

“It’s very important for me personally to give where I am able to. Sclerosis is a terrible disease, and I hope we can make a lot of money with the Cykelnerven so that more research in this area can be done for the benefit of those who are affected. Personally, I have used the Cykelnerven as a motivation to get fit and lose a few pounds. We are a group of colleagues joining in June, so the internal competition in the office has been great and provided a lot of good talks. But now we’re close and I’m looking forward to some really tough and challenging days in the mountains along with a lot of exciting participants from all over the country,” says Mads Møgelvang Nielsen, Director of Operations at AlfaPeople.

Denmark’s toughest charity race

The Sclerosis Association’s Charity Cycle Race is conquering the French mountains for a fifth consecutive year. The Cykelnerven consists of 9 teams from all over the country with close to 300 participating riders. Countries like the United States, England, the Netherlands, and Singapore have also made their way to the Danish cycling race. Therefore, more than 20 foreign riders are starting to gather money for research on sclerosis.

Participants run a selection of Tour de France’s toughest stages every year, and Cykelnerven 2018 will be no exception. With mountain peaks like Col de Tourmalet and Col d’Aubisque, there is a historic ride for the record participants.

When the Cykelnerven rolls in June, the following ambassadors run the route with the rest of the participants:

  • Four strong profiles from TV2 – Dennis Ritter, Mikael Kamber, Claus Elming and Peter Tanev
  • Guldfireren from 1996 – Eskild Ebbesen, Niels Laulund, Victor Feddersen and Thomas Poulsen
  • The former professional football players Thomas Helveg and Martin Jørgensen

They cycle for a world without sclerosis

It is the fifth time Cykelnerven conquer the French mountains in favor of the Sclerosis Association. Participants will cover all costs and each participant will collect at least 15.000 Danish Kroner before departure for research.

“We are cycling for a world without sclerosis and are deeply grateful that 300 dedicated cyclists put so much effort and energy in supporting our case. Every participant in the Cykelnerven collects money into the Sclerosis Association’s research projects, and their efforts make a huge difference to our work,” says Klaus Høm, director of the Sclerosis Association.

Cykelnerven 2018, among other things, collects to the major international research project ‘Progressive MS Alliance’. The project has gathered the world’s leading sclerosis researchers with the goal of developing a treatment against progressive sclerosis, of which 2.3 million people worldwide suffer from.