My story at AlfaPeople
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Jul 12, 2017

My story at AlfaPeople

Life at AlfaPeople
By Francisco Avelino
Leader Developer

I’ve been work for 9 years at AlfaPeople Brazil. I joined the company as a business consultant and today I’m a development leader specialized in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

The beginning

When I joined the company, I started as a business consultant. I’ve been a developer before that and was familiar with the concept of CRM, but I didn’t know the Dynamics platform. As a business consultant, my job would be to know the configurations and customizations available in the platform.

First Challenge

In less than a week an emergency emerged with the development team, and I was ready to act. And since then I’m working with software development again. I went to the first project, then another and another, and I became a development leader.

Goal Reached

I learned the programming languages used with Dynamics, studied and tested them, took several certifications of both programming languages and tools, and ended up with a growing Dynamics experience. That allowed me to implement the Software Factory and the development framework that we use every day at AlfaPeople. This allows us to teach features and the AlfaPeople standards quickly, and for each project to have a single line of development, allowing the resource to change the implementation while keeping the same pattern, regardless of the size of the project.

AlfaPeople and Sport

At AlfaPeople I was the mentor of a program that encourages employees to play sports and improve social interactions. I started practicing street racing for health problems and one day I invited friends who work with me at AlfaPeople to participate in a relay race. It was my first test, and it was incredible. Since then I’ve been able to make more friends and run a lot more with my AlfaPeople colleagues. Some years ago we combined the sport with donations to a charitable organization. Now, people run for themselves and for others. I can say that I am an amateur athlete. Amateur is one who loves what he does. You do not always win a race. But you have to do your best to achieve your goal. Is not that so in professional life too? I think it is.

What to Expect from AlfaPeople?

AlfaPeople is like this. You have opportunities all the time. It’s up to you to identify the next opportunity, the next way to collaborate with the team. It’s possible to act, learn, divide and teach in several areas and be a multidisciplinary professional.

An AlfaPeople professional.

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