Life at AlfaPeople: Every day brings a new challenge
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Aug 07, 2017

Life at AlfaPeople: Every day brings a new challenge

I have been working for AlfaPeople as a business consultant for almost a year now. My core expertise lies in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Field Service and Customer Service as well as Marketing. Microsoft SQL Database and Windows 7 Deployment are also a main focus of my work. At AlfaPeople I advise medium-sized companies and enterprise customers on all matters relating to the introduction and extension of Microsoft CRM.

Is the beginning the hardest part? Not necessarily! I started my work at AlfaPeople together with another colleague from the Microsoft AX area. I quickly realized that we were warmly welcomed and received into the AlfaPeople team as “the newbies”. This is crucial for understanding the processes and procedures from the outset. For example, I was introduced to the AlfaPeople project methodology, which is strongly inspired by Microsoft project methodology. From the very start, my colleagues had an open ear for all questions I initially had. I quickly noticed that people at AlfaPeople did not work mindlessly from “nine to five” – there was much more to it. I always come to the office in a happy and motivated mindset and sometimes stay longer because the atmosphere at AlfaPeople is just right. We also spend our leisure time together and from time to time go to the cinema together after work, meet up for dinner or visit a Christmas market. This gives us the opportunity to get to know our co-workers better. I find it great to work in a team like this.

AlfaPeople is composed of a team of employees working in different areas. Particularly in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (formerly Microsoft AX), there are different areas such as Warehouse, Purchasing or Finance. Due to the different and complex areas, a high degree of autonomy and communication is particularly important. What makes AlfaPeople special is that we are not a collection of individuals, but work together to achieve the best results for our customers. This is not always easy because we work at different locations throughout Germany. It is also natural for us to work for longer periods at external premises as part of a customer project. This proximity enables to become better acquainted with our customers and their individual requirements than through modern communication channels such as e-mail or Skype.

It is great fun to visit our customers on-site and use our knowledge to the best effect. This is not always easy because often different requirements from different areas have to be integrated and resolved. It is generally not enough to simply implement a software solution, we discuss the existing processes with our customers and try to optimize them. In addition, existing IT systems often have to be integrated. In today’s world, a CRM and ERP system is no longer viewed individually, but as a single entity. Used together, both systems are a powerful tool for a company. And this is exactly where I see the strength of AlfaPeople. The expertise of our team allows us to use both systems optimally and effectively for our customers.