How Dynamics 365 now supports electronic invoicing in Colombia
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Sep 23, 2019

How Dynamics 365 now supports electronic invoicing in Colombia

Businesses operating in Colombia are now required to issue their sales invoices electronically following a recent set of resolutions by the country?s tax bureau, the DIAN (resolution 000001, January 2019; and 000020, March 2019).

As a leading Microsoft partner with a strong track record of implementations and customizations of the Dynamics 365 product suite including previous AX versions, AlfaPeople provides its customers in Colombia with a Microsoft-certified Electronic Invoicing module as part of our Localization pack.

We have also developed an integration in collaboration with our tech partners, namely NOOVA, to ensure the correct generation, structure and delivery of your documentation to the DIAN. Our system design also allows for easy integration with third-party platforms including those currently being used by our clients.

Beginning in mid-2018, AlfaPeople began the roll-out of an initial Electronic Invoicing module followed by regular updates that have aligned its functionality to the latest regulatory changes mandated by the DIAN. Our solution is certified by Microsoft as a result of its compliance with best practice standards, including for use by companies operating multiple businesses (meaning a company can report as different legal entities simultaneously).

The aim of this tool is to homologate invoice details, crosscheck invoice information with the database before submission, to structure data automatically, to receive the CUFE (Single Electronic Invoicing Code) after delivery, to see data represented graphically, and to ensure the DIAN receives your client data securely. The module also facilitates the mass submission of documentation.

There is no threshold in terms of the volume of documents generated daily; this depends on your organization’s business and the type of invoices you need to create using your Microsoft ERP (Dynamics 365 of AX). Implementation and deployment of our Electronic Invoicing module for Dynamics 365 generally takes between one to three months.

Contact us today to learn how e-invoicing with Dynamics can benefit your business operations in Colombia through stronger and simpler compliance with DIAN regulations.

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