Empower your Dynamics AX tools to work even harder
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Sep 14, 2017

Empower your Dynamics AX tools to work even harder

Anyone who has worked with Microsoft Dynamics AX can appreciate the business value it delivers for financial management and ERP. But do you realize how you can exponentially improve that value by migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Integrated Dynamics AX and CRM functionality within Dynamics 365 bolsters opportunities to leverage business information across all functions. And as a cloud-based service it empowers your entire organization to benefit from easier data access as needed, on a pay as you go basis.

More dynamic by design

If you have used Dynamics AX and CRM tools in the past, it is likely you have encountered limitations due to their segregated databases. Now, the integrated Dynamics 365 database enhances your ability to address customer-service issues dependent upon operational or financial data – e.g. current stock levels, back order forecasts, purchase history, or credit approvals – to empower a true digital transformation in your business.

Better yet, that dynamic relationship between enterprise and customer information provides greater insight into customer behaviors impacting corporate profitability. Use it to pinpoint cause-and-effect performance of past marketing programs or to test multiple “what-if” hypotheses for improving future ROI.

More dynamic by format, too

Mobilizing the unified power of Dynamics AX and CRM data through a cloud platform provides convenient, real-time access wherever needed – via workstations, tablets, or smartphones. That equips marketing, sales, and operations personnel to make better business decisions in a more timely manner.

Dynamics 365’s cloud platform also improves flexibility in budgeting according to business needs. That makes it easier to support growth over time, or ramp IT capabilities up and down to accommodate peak seasonal activity, without fixed expenses for hard assets.

Follow a natural progression

As a logical extension of Dynamics AX capabilities, Dynamics 365 supports enhanced business performance without forcing users to learn new software operations from scratch. Its interface looks and operates like Microsoft Office, so users adapt to it quickly and easily. And AlfaPeople’s Microsoft Dynamics specialists are available to help smooth that transition even more, with secure, near-effortless end-to-end management.

What to expect when migrating to Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 in the cloud creates multiple ways to make more informed and targeted decisions in a more efficient, affordable, and timely fashion:

  • More complete insight. The unification of operational and marketing data within standard and customized reporting, makes it easier for you to document how past management decisions and customer behaviors impact your bottom line.
  • More in-depth analysis. Built-in intelligence and analytical tools – such as Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) and the Cortana Intelligence Suite – enable you to identify cause-and-effect relationships you can leverage for future benefit.
  • Industry-specific functionality. Functions customizable to specific industry needs – such as retail omni-channel management – help you benefit from solutions that match the way your business operates.
  • Convenient access. Mobile access to information makes it easier for every person in your organization to optimize performance.
  • Simplified scaling. Dynamics 365 cloud capabilities support growth – or contraction – as business needs change, without requiring your staff to install, manage, or update IT resources.
  • Manageable costs. With no expensive upfront investment, you pay for only the services you use. Start simple, grow as needed, and even scale back if requirements decrease.
  • Peace of mind. Secure architecture, storage, and back-up resources built into the Dynamics 365 solution protect both data and processing capabilities, without added investment for specialized resources or personnel.

Explore more powerful solutions

Compare the expanded benefits of Dynamics 365 to your current Dynamics AX and CRM approach. Ask an AlfaPeople expert in Microsoft Dynamics 365 about a live demo of the most critical functions for your industry applications.

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