How Dynamics 365 for Retail Can Put an End to Profit Stagnation in Your Stores
AlfaPeople |
Mar 13, 2019

How Dynamics 365 for Retail Can Put an End to Profit Stagnation in Your Stores

D365 for Retail – Retail is one of the most complex industries when it comes to coordinating logistics, human resources and customer experience outcomes. Unsurprisingly, the profits of many retail business, of all shapes and sizes, can easily stagnate behind bad systems and disjointed processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail is a powerful business solution for the real-time management of stock, orders, and customer engagement, with unparalleled tools for precise and consolidated control of your key business activities across every store. A complete solution for all points of sale, D365 for Retail arms your retail business with proven strategies and processes for service and logistics excellence, providing a complete and comprehensive omni-channel experience for buyers, suppliers, staff and management alike.

One of Dynamics 365 for Retail‘s underlying focusses is on empowering your business to achieve better engagement with its customers and improved employee productivity. With a central database and real-time functionalities, it enhances the retail experience from start to end, unlocking growth and profit opportunities that may have previously seemed out of reach.

D365 for Retail also allows you to:

  • Manage your stores effectively, increase sales and adapt instantly to trends and upheavals in the market by providing a comprehensive, real-time insight into your business?s key numbers and activities
  • Centrally manage merchandising, product information, categories, selection and prices from a common database
  • Engage customers according to how, when and where they buy, to improve satisfaction and loyalty around your brand
  • Constantly evolve your business processes on D365?s modern, customizable platform
  • Increase the productivity and effectiveness of employees so they can provide the best service possible to customers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail allows you to create and operate:

  • POS Stores
  • Catalogs
  • Call Centers
  • Online stores (E-commerce)

Point of Sales (POS)

For an overall better retail experience, you can consolidate your customers? purchase information, sales history, transaction details, and wish lists, to empower your sales representatives with the most up-to-date and thorough information available. Its features include:

  • Sales transactions, refunds, pending sales, receipt payments or store expenses, gift cards, loyalty policies, credit sales, stock consultation, price enquiry
  • Cash management, money transfers, tally by payment method, sending to safety vaults or banks, daily closures for shifts, personnel, time, cash register
  • Customer data, shopping history, gift lists
  • Management of off-line infrastructure with local databases to respond to unexpected internet issues

Electronic Commerce

Enhance your E-commerce strategy with an online store powered by state-of-the art search technology. Its features include:

  • Management of web content and site development
  • Taxes determined on the sales destination
  • Reservation and pickup options
  • Dynamic options to personalize purchases and recommendation tools
  • Real-time inventory updates and catalog management
  • Shopping cart, Payments

Call Center

Retailers can provide customers with catalogs via e-mail or other points of contact. Then, receive, process and fulfill orders using the Call Center. The features of this system include:

  • Case and claim management
  • Contact center, self-service, mobile, chat
  • Web portals, social media, knowledge base


In today?s world of social media and mobile technology, companies must move faster and share knowledge in a broader way. Connect with your clients on their terms by incorporating social media in your strategy and tuning your messages to better resonate with customers. You can also:

  • Implement promotions, discounts, coupons and more
  • Publish and manage content, knowledge management, and improve brand recognition

Store Operations

With the Store Operations features, you can track inventory in real time, administer accounts receivable, maintain customer interest with loyalty programs, monitor the time of arrival and departure of personnel, keep track of refunds, and run a clean budget. You can also:

  • Manage bank statements, cash reconciliation and other means of payment
  • Control User Permits at the register
  • Set up points of sales interfaces and design sales receipts
  • Manage prices, promotions, and deals
  • Setup store and stock management (items available by channel)
  • Connect easily with external devices, printers, screens, scales and code readers, etc.

Supply Chain Logistics

Real-time management of your products means you can more reasonably aim to increase productivity and enhance your processes. Other features of the Supply Chain Logistics function are:

  • Reception and remittance of transfers
  • Implementation of sourcing plans by store or by channel
  • Management of sales orders (receipt or dispatch)
  • Control of storage and transportation logistics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail arms retailers with the tools they need to create exceptional customer experiences. At AlfaPeople, we understand the difficulties of operating an omni-channel experience. With the implementation of Dynamics 365 for Retail, you can consolidate your operations inside and outside your stores. Contact us today to discover the full benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail!