Field Service

For efficient field service that helps resource management,
work scheduling and route optimization

For field service, resource management, service scheduling and route automation, the Microsoft Field Service Management (FSM) solution is an additional feature of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It helps companies to efficiently and effectively manage a geographically distributed field workforce, so customers can benefit from the best service standards.

FSM allows field service teams and technicians to deliver positive and memorable experiences to customers. Teams can count with a simple and intuitive tool for resource scheduling, customer record access and workflow management. Its journey, as well as the customer journey, starts by sending the right company representative, with the right skills, flexibility to adjust to the work routine and the ability to adapt to changes and emergency situations. Once arriving at the location, the agent can access, through any wireless device, the history of incidents and customer information and an integrated knowledge base, as well as other tools related to the tasks that are specific to the field customer support service. Field agents can safely register finished jobs and access real-time KPIs so they, and their teams, can stay focused on achieving the best possible results.

Three benefits of the FSM solution:

  • Companies can provide field service teams with reliable information, that can be accessed quickly and easily, so they can deliver a high-quality service.
  • 2. Efficient and organised field service management helps increase the solution rate from the very first visit and keep operation costs low. In turn, this leads to greater productivity, increased revenue, reduced costs and can help companies improve their overall competitive advantage.
  • 3. The management and coordination of resources are improved, thanks to real-time scheduling, complete vision of each customer and their data and the possibility of eliminating field documents.

With FSM, clients can improve and better manage all service delivery areas, including appointments, service order information, follow-ups, upsells and cross-selling opportunities and maintenance agreements.

Field service teams can use a wide range of features, including:

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Mobile apps:

Native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones, and tablets. These apps instantly provide field agents with the information they need. Inventory data, equipment and customer history are available in real-time, with the possibility of capturing signatures and pictures to accurately register the details of finished activity.

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Intelligent and responsive routing:

The most advanced and automated resource route mechanism of the entire industry assures that field teams are allocated the best possible routes, enabling service levels and customer satisfaction to be improved. Automated routing processes increase the number of services performed by agents per week and help save on gas and vehicle maintenance costs.

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Sophisticated scheduling and dispatch:

A centralised scheduling panel with real-time data allows for the best possible allocation for the customer, the right service agent assignment and keeps customers informed of service and arrival times. Agents have mobile access to customer information and all that’s necessary to complete their service calls.

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Integrated portals:

Integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics Portals, FSM offers customers self-servicing options 24/7, reducing the volume of service calls. The knowledge base, as well as other options, help provide a better overall customer experience and increased satisfaction and loyalty levels.

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Service intelligence:

The solution’s sophisticated analysis capabilities give companies a robust way of proactively managing their goals and objectives on all functional levels. This is made possible by providing precise online information on travel and service times and turning each activity into a profitable one, while still providing customers with a great level of service.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Management Solution is unique for meeting the needs of both field service teams and customers, increasing the quality and efficiency of services and transforming the relationships between companies and their customers.

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