If You Care For Your Employees, They Will Take Care Of Your Clients
AlfaPeople |
Nov 22, 2017

If You Care For Your Employees, They Will Take Care Of Your Clients

“If you take care of your employees they will take care of your customers.” This is one of the best-known phrases of Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Group, a company that currently has more than 5000 employees.

Personally, I think I have had the opportunity for the first time to put this phrase into practice and realize that It became true, especially in a work environment in which the human management issues related to employees is not always as important as it should be, or at least that is what I have seen in the different organizations in which I have been along these last 15 years.

It is very hard for an employee to give more of himself to the company if the company does not give something more of itself to the employee. If he does not feel comfortable within the organization, he will show this same face to the client, who will take a negative impression not only of the person in particular but from the whole company in general.

Currently, I have been working in AlfaPeople for a year and a couple of months, and I work as an ERP consultant in modules such as Human Resources at the standard level, Payroll, and HSEQ, our own products at the level of versions for Colombia.

As a specialist in human resources management, I am very clear about the importance and the fundamental role of assisting employees along the different levels in which he is related to an organization, such as his well-being, career plans, organizational environment, training and development and how these activities impact on his personal and professional strengthening.

And it was in AlfaPeople where I really managed to find and develop that sense of belonging, which has allowed and encouraged me to give a little more in the achievement of the client’s objectives, the group in general and also the personal ones.

But what were those activities or items that managed to potentiate this sense in me as an official of the company? I would like to emphasize 4 main aspects: staff well-being, career plans, organizational environment and training, and development.

Staff Well-Being

With respect to the wellbeing of personnel, activities such as our integration monthly lunches, in which we live corporate values, and carry out activities to strengthen them, make these corporate and social values consolidate, and in a directly proportional way put into practice with the clients. These values are teamwork, ethics as a guide for our actions, as well as passion. We seek innovation and excellence, we achieve what we set out to do, the values that all AlfaPeople have identified as our corporate values.

Career Plans

For career plans, it is something really motivating as an official. The organization has a well defined and designed path to go through so that we can grow as an active member of the organization. We know that we have a guide ahead and, especially, that there is clarity in those steps that must be followed to reach a higher level. In AlfaPeople. it was carried out an individual career plan which is aimed at making the person a more integral worker, with a better income, better profile and therefore a better quality of life. This generates on a certain level of “relief”, in the sense in which we know that the personal effort at the career level in the company will be rewarded.

Organizational Environment

As for the organizational environment, it is one of the items that AlfaPeople, together with its vertical in human resources Emunah, has given a lot of importance. As an employee, I feel that my opinion is being taken into account with regard to the different topics about the organization. This makes me feel a vital part of a work team and strengthens my work with a client since I know how to listen to the various opinions or observations that they can make about the different processes that we carry out together, this really makes efficient work to happen.


In terms of training and development, AlfaPeople has always provided great support to employees regarding academic strengthening at a professional level, in order to comprehensively empower the skills of being, knowledge and doing, which allow us to acquire more tools to compete more efficiently in the ERP market.

All these competencies are really put into practice at the time of implementation, and it is the client who really notices the degree of knowledge that I am providing as a consultant in the different implementation processes.

To finalize and regarding the human resources processes in general, led by the general management, that has offered 100% support to the different activities and spaces designed for these matters and in joint work with a vertical specialized in human management processes such as Emunah, we have been able to redesign and complement the activities and processes aimed at the employees comprehensive development.

The employee himself is the one who evidences these activities for his/her entire benefit and almost automatically will reflect this sense of belonging to the client, thus taking care of the client’s own interests, as a direct result of how AlfaPeople has looked after his collaborators.