Why ROI-hungry companies are choosing Microsoft Power Automate to renovate their workflows
AlfaPeople |
Mar 30, 2020

Why ROI-hungry companies are choosing Microsoft Power Automate to renovate their workflows

Microsoft’s new toy Power Automate is a cloud-powered application ? which is part of the Power Platform suite ? that allows you teams to automatically transfer information between applications, allowing your organization?s workflows to be visible in real-time, thus reducing bottlenecks.

Power Automate also allows you to integrate processes across departments through specialized and automated workflows, reducing time and increasing productivity while allowing management to make the right decision at the right time. The tool integrates seamlessly with other Power Platform tools like Power Apps by connecting apps designed in-house into the relevant flows.

50+ predesigned workflows and a world of benefits

In addition to being a versatile and simple tool, Power Automate adapts to your organization’s needs and requirements with:

  • More than 50 powerful predesigned flows, which also facilitate quick user adoption
  • Real time insights into workflows: what action is being taken when each flow is deployed
  • Cloud-based functionality, but also connectable to local servers (on-premise) through a gateway that allows secure connections to the organization’s infrastructure
  • Connection to over 100 different data sources, including Microsoft tools, third-party applications, and other databases

Unlimited connectivity with Power Automate

Power Automate connects to Microsoft application modules, databases or third-party applications thanks to multiplatform or custom connectors (it can be used in applications such as Power Automate, Power Apps, Logics Apps), which are created by the same solution (Power Automate). This is made possible thanks to:

  1. Triggers responsible for starting or activating the process, so that activities are executed
  2. Actions that correspond to the steps that the application will execute
  3. Connections which are responsible for making the communication and securely saving the connection data of each application

Let’s get started: 4 flows to revolutionize your daily processes

Power Automate revolutionizes processes through flows whose functionalities can vary according to programming and required use. There are four types of flows that can be created by Power Automate:

  • Automated flows which are automatically executed after an event triggers them
  • Button flows which are executed by the interaction of a button that can be in any device
  • Scheduled flows which are scheduled from time to time and can execute one or more tasks at the same time
  • Business process flows which are a set of steps that users must follow to achieve a result

Why are companies choosing Power Automate to set themselves apart?

Power Automate allows companies to differentiate themselves with cutting-edge technology. Among the benefits of Power Automate, you’ll find:

  • It’s free for a period of 90 days or you can obtain a trial license
  • It’s out of the box, meaning it does not require advanced installation or settings
  • Open, view and use Power Automate from any browser or device
  • Create custom models without complex programming codes
  • Securely connect between applications that are in the cloud, on-premises, or through a gateway

Do you want more information about the benefits and features of Power Automate? Feel free to contact us! We have an expert Power Automate team on hand to answer your queries.