This is how you save money on your Dynamics 365 licenses!
AlfaPeople |
Feb 14, 2020

This is how you save money on your Dynamics 365 licenses!

For many of us, Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing can be a labyrinth of information and options. While it’s easy to get lost, take our word for it: it’s a labyrinth worth tackling head on!

When it comes to your Dynamics 365 CRM licensing, your organization has likely already asked itself:

  • Do we have the right combination of licenses?
  • Are we GDPR compliant and know exactly who has access to which information?
  • Are we meeting the expected ROI on our implementation of our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) solution?
  • Are users using the solution as it was intended to be used?

At AlfaPeople, we’ve developed a tool that analyses user patterns in your organization across an agreed timeframe, giving you insights about user behavior within your Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) platform, in the cloud or on-premise. We call it the AlfaPeople Usage Monitoring.

The main purpose of the Usage Monitoring is to collect insights and produce analysis about user behavior within your Dynamics 365 platform, those which are not otherwise provided in the standard interface. The tool can be used for multiple scenarios where your organization needs to collect and report on more specific information about user behavior.

We’ve identified 3 main areas where the Usage Monitoring can bring value to your organization:

1. User Adoption

One of the main issues when implementing software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is user adoption and its relationship to ROI. The Usage Monitoring provides valuable and rich granular insights into user level adoption. It also provides your organization the opportunity to analyze and edit the final report in Excel or Power BI. These insights can be used for more targeted and data driven initiatives, and to further strengthen user adoption.

2. GDPR Compliance

The introduction of GDPR in May, 2018 instilled uncertainty in organizations about their compliance with GDPR as well as the integrity of their data generally. With the Usage Monitoring, you can document whether users have accessed records by just reading them as a single record (i.e. opening a contact form) while it is also possible to report if a user has retrieved multiple records (i.e. opening a list/view of multiple contacts). This gives your organization a much higher level of control in terms of who has accessed personal data. Not just by creating, editing or deleting the record, but by retrieving/reading personal data.

3. License Compliance

In the context of a growing number of license types, organizations of all shapes and sizes can struggle to determine the correct licensing model for individual users in a Dynamics 365 setup. It is equally as confusing trying to ensure that users get the right Base and Attach licenses or might qualify as a Team Member. The Usage Monitoring is based on actual user-data and suggests to you a license setup that fits your organizational needs.

We recently conducted a license optimization with one of our valuable customers using the Usage Monitoring.

  • The company had 276 Dynamics 365 Professional licenses at a cost of 300 DKK / $43.77 per month or 993.600 DKK / $144,955.87 a year.
  • AlfaPeople?s Usage Monitoring analyzed user behavior patterns on their Dynamics 365 environment, tracking all create, read, update and delete events.
  • Across this 8-week period, 165 users used the system.
  • We concluded that the company would only need:
    • 75 Dynamics 365 licenses for Sales
    • 90 Dynamics 365 Team Member licenses

Based on Microsoft’s price list, this represents a potential saving of 40% on the company’s current spend on Dynamics licenses. We advised the company that their savings could be even higher when license renewal was negotiated.

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