Keynote – Satya Nadella Inspire 2020
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Jul 27, 2020

Keynote – Satya Nadella Inspire 2020

The global crisis presented an opportunity for everyone to respond, but if we could highlight a rapid response it was the vital drive for digital and accessible technology across industries.

Everyday innovation ? From Covid-19 Symptom checking bot’s, QR code scanner for digital menus to remote assistance working ? businesses, communities, and services everywhere adapted faster than ever to cater to business continuity and resilience throughout such critical circumstances.

At Inspire 2020 Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO touches upon the powerful “Response” of the Microsoft Network, also recognizing the two future phases, “Recovery” and “Reimagine”.

During the recovery phase, together, we are ready to define the future. The future of your business and the way you serve your customers. This time is an opportunity to unleash innovative changes within your organization and do so with a cloud-first approach. Nadella emphasizes “89% of CIO’s will accelerate public cloud investments” This was at 54% pre-pandemic. We can all agree that digitalization and modernization are no longer a nice to have rather a must-have.

To aid recovery and ease the transition to the reimagine phase, Nadella highlights the areas of the Microsoft stack to assist in these future states, including Modern Work, Business Applications, Applications & Infrastructure, Data & AI, and Security.

One of the greatest examples of this is the use of Microsoft Teams. Beyond the surge in adoption, but the power that is has brought to a collaborative workplace, present, and connected through. “Remote everything is possible”, Nadella stated. Similarly, the extensive demand for performance insights and reporting leveraging Microsoft Power Platform. It is through the extended customization in these areas, that allow businesses to thrive and transform.

Nadella announced the “technology sector as a percentage of Global GDP has been forecast to increase from 5% to 10% over the next decade”. It is clear the pandemic has been a catalyst for this future growth and marketplaces are growing in parallel. We are encouraged to embrace Tech Intensity ? a creative and cultural mindset to break silos, unleash the information needed, to not just feedback but use Artificial Intelligence and IoT to predict.

Within the same Keynote, Executive Vice President, Judson Althoff said “the world now needs us more than ever before. And I’m counting on you as partners to help make that happen”. From all of us here at AlfaPeople ? we are here for you to make it happen, as your trusted and dedicated Microsoft Gold Partner.