Intelligent Order Management for Higher Customer Satisfaction
AlfaPeople |
Mar 22, 2022

Intelligent Order Management for Higher Customer Satisfaction

Rapid growth and swiftly changing business models in e-commerce complicate long-term planning. Businesses that want to keep track of their orders, stocks, and sales channels in real time need a high-performance order management system. Microsoft offers a cloud-based solution that helps accelerate omnichannel transformation from order intake through orchestration to fulfillment: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management.

Booming online commerce is a cause for rejoicing for internet merchants. However, it becomes difficult when growing demands push order management to its limits. How many orders have been received? Are there still enough goods in stock, or do you need to reorder? This, and other information, must be processed by the system and be displayed in real-time. Microsoft’s new Intelligent Order Management is a scalable solution that can adapt to your business growing demand. The integration in Dynamics 365 provides new features in a familiar environment.

The technical environment is not a means to an end itself for e-commerce, but a tool. Customer satisfaction is always at the forefront. The software must control the order collection, warehouse unloading and shipping smoothly to make the shopping experience as seamless as possible. The goal is to fulfill customer needs and meet order deadlines. Counting on a stable and versatile, yet easy and flexibly controllable application such as Intelligent Order Management is a great help.

Same shopping experience on every channel

The modern omnichannel trade sells the goods of one supplier on several channels simultaneously. For the end customers, the buying experience on each of these channels must be the same. Prices and availability must therefore be presented uniformly across the channels. Some processes, such as returns, are usually automated. Such an intelligent task management system also takes over such activities.

It becomes even more complex when data is not only collected but also analyzed. This step is necessary to derive strategic action recommendations from the data streams. Finally, there is the strength of a high-performance ERP system, such as Dynamics 365. Data from different business areas are presented and analyzed on a common interface. Integrated software apps, such as Intelligent Order Management, complement ERP with valuable features.

Adaptations for every need

Last August, Microsoft announced the general availability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management. The flexible environment can be configured for the specific needs of each company. The software allows adjustments, up to complex orchestration flows, for sales. This not only optimizes existing processes, but also quickly opens new markets – while maintaining quality management and analysis.

Other e-commerce solutions from other providers that have proven themselves in practice, have their own connectors are integrated in Intelligent Order Management. This allows trusted applications to be used directly from the MS Dynamics environment. In a recent blog post, Microsoft introduced the latest integrations, including Orderful, BigCommerce, and ShipStation. The binding takes place in a user-friendly / no-code environment.

Short delivery times thanks to AI support

The integrated artificial intelligence is intended to ensure that the interface remains clear despite the numerous functions and expansion possibilities. Especially for large online retailers, intelligent order management can even make decisions for the optimization of goods flows and ordering processes. The delivery to a customer from a store, from the warehouse, or from an intermediary, can plan the AI individually and automatically depending on the load. Delivery times are therefore shorter – and the customers remain satisfied.

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