Life at AlfaPeople
by Charmaine Farrugia
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Senior Consultant

I’ve worked at AlfaPeople for 9 months. It’s less than a year, but I’ve seen the company grow from around 40 employees in the Danish department to around 80. It’s a lot. And we’re still looking for a bunch of new people to join the company. AlfaPeople is growing fast and it’s really exciting to be part of the journey.

People often ask me how it is to be part of a company that is growing so fast. Now is a good time to share my views on this, as we’re having a lot of open positions (by the way, you can see them all here)

Diversity of People

First of all, at AlfaPeople I have great colleagues. People are very ambitious and hardworking, but we also have time for social activities, so we get to know each other on a more personal level as well. On a personal note, the fact that AlfaPeople is pretty international also when it comes to recruiting makes transitioning into the company much easier.

“AlfaPeople embraces the diversity of their employees. For me that is very important.”

Work-life balance and Alfa-People

On most occasions there’s time for team building and socializing with colleagues, but there’s definitely also an element of performance and meeting deadlines that I personally enjoy.
Whilst the projects you get to work on are very demanding and challenging there is still a concept of a very good work life balance throughout the company.

“In AlfaPeople we have a great Work-Life balance that I truly enjoy.”

It goes without saying that there are times where we have to work late to meet our specific deadlines for projects, but it is not the norm for most of the people in the company.

The overall package is good: we work on interesting projects, there is a good work-life balance as I mentioned before and you work with people that have a great variety of experience, so you can really learn a lot and give back as well. I believe that career wise this will help you grow a lot.

Our exciting international projects

The projects I work on in AlfaPeople are great, international projects with a high degree of complexity. I don’t think you’ll find this angle in many other companies.

“Probably what I love most about working here is the complexity of the international projects, because it is not easy, straightforward systems that we get to implement.”

The projects we develop are large and in many cases they have user-bases that are greater than usual. The systems also have a high degree of integration with other systems, which makes it exciting! You are sort of bridging the gap between a bunch of systems. As a person I really dislike routines, so having the possibility to work on new challenges on an almost daily basis is really good.

“In AlfaPeople you get to touch base with a lot of things and learn a lot within bigger projects. I don’t think that you necessarily would learn the same if you worked on smaller projects.”

Growing within the Alfa-family

When people ask me about AlfaPeople and about working here, I often get the question if I can imagine working here for a longer period of time and how I can develop myself within the company. The answer to this is definitely yes. There is definitely room to grow. Since I started, my role has shifted a lot. First I started working as a developer. Now I lead 2-3 people. It was new waters for me, but I really enjoy taking on that type of responsibility.

Here at AlfaPeople, you are a trusted employee from day one and you get a lot of responsibility. Then it’s up to you to manage it. I guess it is because it’s a flat organization. It’s up to you to make it work. But of course you always get the backup you need. If you communicate that you want to do things differently, then we figure out a new way of approaching it.

“Lastly, I would say that I really enjoy working at AlfaPeople and I really think there are many advantages of working here and I would recommend for anyone looking for a job in the fast-paced IT Business consultancy business.”

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