What it means to work on an AlfaPeople project
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Jan 06, 2020

What it means to work on an AlfaPeople project

AlfaPeople project – My name is Charmaine Farrugia, Senior Dynamics CRM Consultant at AlfaPeople Denmark. I have worked at AlfaPeople as a Dynamics CRM Senior Consultant since 2015, where it has been marvelous and exciting to work on a number of large international projects and at the same time have had the opportunity to develop my skills.

In this blog post, I’ve summarised what aspects of my job stand out as being the highlights of working for AlfaPeople:

Something social

Firstly, I have some really great colleagues at AlfaPeople. They are ambitious and hardworking, but there is also room for social activities, so we can get to know each other on a more personal level.

Another of the aspects of my job that has made it considerably easier for me to work at AlfaPeople is that the company operates internationally and we have offices in 14 countries around the world. There is plenty of room for diversity and for the chance to embrace different cultures, which is very important to me.

Strong work-life balance

There is plenty of opportunities for team building and socializing with my colleagues, at the same time as priority is placed on meeting deadlines and quality indicators, which I really appreciate. Although projects often require extra effort and are challenging, there is still a good work-life balance, which is evident throughout the company. Part of the reasons why can generally maintain a good balance is because we are working on interesting international projects that keep us entertained, despite the rare peaks in workload.

Exciting international projects

Following from the last point, it’s worth mentioning that the projects that I work on in AlfaPeople are large international projects with a high degree of complexity. I don’t think you’ll find opportunities like this in many other companies.

The projects we develop are large and in many cases, they have larger than usual user interfaces. The systems also have a high degree of integration with other systems, which makes it really exciting because you’re a bit of a middleman between a pile of systems.

I’m not crazy about repetition and routines, so it’s really exciting to be able to work on challenging projects every day. I don’t think we would be able to learn as much if we were primarily working on smaller projects. AlfaPeople project.

All in all…

When asked what it is like to work in AlfaPeople, I am usually also asked, if I can imagine working here in the future. To that, I can only respond: yes! There is plenty of room for both personal and professional development. I started my career at AlfaPeople as a developer, and within a short time, I became the head of a team of employees and I am now working on the biggest of projects, which I really enjoy.

At AlfaPeople, you get big, healthy responsibilities from your first day, and then it’s up to you to manage and carry through with that responsibility. There is a flat organizational structure, so you have plenty of opportunities to prove yourself. Of course, there is always help and good advice from colleagues when needed, and always room for a bit of sparring.

In summary, I can only give my sincerest recommendation to anyone considering applying for a position at AlfaPeople to do it. Read more about Microsoft Dynamics 365. AlfaPeople project.