Unleash the true power of your point of sale (POS) system
AlfaPeople |
Aug 20, 2018

Unleash the true power of your point of sale (POS) system

Your Point of Sale (POS) software enables fast and efficient retail transactions. Customers love the convenience of swiping their card or smartphone to pay for the sleek purse, suede sneakers or custom-fit jacket.

But there’s so much more your POS can do for you…

Unlock the full potential of your POS software — and retail business — with the help of the AlfaPeople team and a Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud-based solution.

Jump in the driver’s seat and take the controls

The insight you get from your POS transaction data can help you deliver the ultimate retail shopping experience for every customer.

But when you integrate your POS data with all your business applications, you gain powerful control over your retail operation.

That’s where AlfaPeople and Microsoft Dynamics 365 come in…

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud solution unifies your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, bringing all your data sources, from online transactions to inventory management, to one place, on one dashboard.

And that gives you maximum control over your operation and revenue stream.

Power your business with high-performance data

These days, your retail success hinges on your ability to respond to shoppers’ needs. Your savvy customers want an exceptional retail experience, whether in your store or checking out online.

With a clear view of your data throughout your entire retail management process, including your POS, you can meet – and exceed – your customers’ expectations.

For example, you have access to your sales, stock logistics, and financial performance data within your existing ERP solution. Being able to maximize your CRM activities and your operations data in one place sets you up for increased sales and repeat business.

The AlfaPeople team can launch your cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, allowing you to implement your marketing strategies and promotions with confidence.

Leave your competition in the dust

Staying ahead of your competition requires making immediate, accurate decisions based on easy-to-access, streamlined data.

With the help of powerful Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides you an uncluttered view of your customers’ shopping preferences. And that allows you to analyze data from all channels, including your POS transactions, to gain greater customer insights in real time.

The AlfaPeople team knows the importance of satisfying customer preferences – with every transaction. They also know that a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution can accelerate a retail business’ growth and put them ahead of the pack.

The key elements of your business – your brand image, competitive position and, ultimately, your sales – all depend on your ability to access, analyze and respond to your data quickly across all your channels. Contact AlfaPeople today for a tour of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite and discover the power of a combined POS, ERP and CRM system. Your customers – and your bottom line – will thank you.