Unify ERP/CRM capabilities to strengthen your business
AlfaPeople |
Jul 11, 2017

Unify ERP/CRM capabilities to strengthen your business

As business operations become increasingly advanced – technologically and logistically – so, too, do expectations for managing them more efficiently. But how can you maintain your focus on fundamental business processes without getting overwhelmed by increasingly complex IT support technologies?

Step 1: Standardize on a comprehensive IT solution that parallels the way your company operates. One that helps you implement – even expand upon – your strategic vision. One that won’t bog you down in months upon months of piecemeal technology evaluations, decisions, and implementation, or burden you with ongoing maintenance.

Step 2: Identify a technology partner experienced enough to understand and appreciate your approach to business, as well as the technical solution they help you implement.

In each case, documented AlfaPeople expertise with Microsoft Dynamics Solutions can help you chart a smoother path to success in several key areas.

Evaluate IT solutions to match your strategic approach

Don’t settle for discrete resources based on transaction capacity, when you can have an end-to-end solution backed by AlfaPeople expertise to support your long-term strategic initiatives.

  • Explore versatile cloud solutions that minimize concerns about staffing resources, technical expertise requirements, implementation requirements, and expenditures that can bog down your transition to a new system.
  • Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps decision-makers throughout your organization leverage information more easily. Unlike standalone ERP and CRM solutions that segregate data in separate silos, the unified database of Dynamics 365 eliminates barriers among data from different areas of your business. It lets you share up-to-the-minute operations data to enhance customer relationship management, and vice versa.
  • Seek ERP with added perspective, to complement fundamental business logistics with extra opportunities to impact broader marketing growth.
  • Enhance CRM creativity that maximizes ways to cultivate new customer relationships and optimize them over time, thanks to better data analysis.

Complement that creativity with reliability and security

Any technology solution you choose should balance ease of access against the protection of your computing resources and data. Consider how the versatility, reliability, and security capabilities built into the Dynamics 365 core design and AlfaPeople services provide:

  • Flexibility to grow with your business over time, and to ramp up and down quickly to accommodate intermittent spikes in demand.
  • Backup and disaster recovery to assure continuous access to data even if the primary system is disrupted.
  • Automatic software updates to keep pace with industry standards, so you don’t have to worry about timely software maintenance or enhancements.
  • Multi-level remote access for enhanced collaboration among authorized users throughout your business.
  • Built-in security protections for network access and stored data.

Build confidence in your success

Gain peace of mind from more than a decade of AlfaPeople experience as a market leader in providing Microsoft Dynamics Solutions. Our proven credentials for implementing strategic IT solutions with minimal disruption to business operations include:

  • Ten years of hands-on installation and support experience with Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, and now Dynamics 365.
  • Strong focus and expertise in business environments and solutions, with deep insight into functions ranging from accounting and inventory management to on-line sales and sophisticated retail CRM efforts.
  • An extensive range of services spanning initial system evaluation, design, and installation, plus post-installation consulting for maximized efficiency – even if we were not part of your original Microsoft Dynamics integration.
  • Global coverage, with more than 550 employees helping companies across 16 countries worldwide, provides resources and expertise to help your operations flourish at home or abroad.
  • Award-winning performance, documented by multiple Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year awards.

Take the first step

Download an overview of next-generation intelligent business applications that unify ERP and CRM capabilities in a versatile and responsive cloud environment. Or reach out to a knowledgeable AlfaPeople representative who can answer specific questions about the most efficient ways to focus your energy on a better business technology solution.

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