Your Success in Implementing ERP Solutions Depends on the Methodology You Follow
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Nov 26, 2018

Your Success in Implementing ERP Solutions Depends on the Methodology You Follow

AlfaPeople’s methodology – Implementing an ERP system is the opportunity for companies to make improvements in their business processes, reduce costs, increase their productivity and get a better position compared to their competitors. In the end, after investing time, human and financial resources, we expect to be able to complete the project successfully and really add value to the company. So, we need efforts during the implementation to be focused as much as possible to reduce any possibility of error or setbacks and get optimal results.

Following the appropriate methodology will help increase the ERP implementation project?s chances of success. An ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and a strategic partner such as AlfaPeople can help achieve this. All this is possible thanks to our experience of more than 10 years focused specifically on supplying Microsoft Dynamics solutions, allowing us to help companies have the success and expected levels of profitability they want.

AlfaPeople has its own implementation methodology which merges the best PMI and SCRUM practices. The aim is to help design a quick implementation strategy with early achievements within a collaborative framework of knowledge transfer.

With our methodology, a project?s success is not a blind bet for the future, and neither do results come about without proper planning. An implementation plan divided into different phases is created, and these phases become a chart for all those who are part of the project or related to it. The project is tackled as a series of steps and, by dividing the objectives into individual tasks and by generating deliverables in each phase, our methodology aims for success in implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solutions.

AlfaPeople has a methodological tool made up of phases guided by a “Road Map” that takes the solution implementation through a project execution process, from planning to implementation and delivery of the solution. The “Road Map” is made up of four phases:

Phase 1 – Planning

In this phase, the project team establishes the objectives, scope, and plan. The implementation strategy is defined and approved.

Phase 2 – Prototype

The purpose of this phase is to understand the client’s needs and document the required processes. It is essential to gather information that allows us to know the company?s processes and requirements so we can have enough information to design and configure a basic system or prototype solution that gets a head start on the implementation, bringing users and Microsoft Dynamics closer.

Phase 3 – Pilot

The objective of the Pilot phase is to finalize the system configuration, perform the integral tests, train the end users and to define a start-up strategy. In addition, in this phase, the system is approved, and there is an evaluation of whether the client is ready for Live Launch.

Phase 4 – Live Launch

The final phase involves not only the start-up but also the review to evaluate whether the entire system is functioning correctly. Even if there are errors, we must have a previously prepared recovery plan.

During the Live Launch, the customer has AlfaPeople’s support to answer questions or solve problems that may arise during system operation.

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