Putting Greater CRM/ERP Power Into End-User Hands
AlfaPeople |
Sep 07, 2017

Putting Greater CRM/ERP Power Into End-User Hands

While powerful enterprise computing systems create tremendous potential for corporate decision-making, perhaps their greatest challenge of implementation is integrating the final links to user-specific needs.

In its first year, Microsoft Dynamics 365 established the value of integrated ERP and CRM functionality for small- to mid-size enterprises. Equally important are the numerous avenues of personal productivity it offers – for operations, marketing, sales, and logistics personnel – through its links to Microsoft Office resources and other productivity tools.

Comprehensive data; personalized convenience

From an enterprise perspective, Dynamics 365’s integrated ERP/CRM capabilities empower organizations to leverage customer relationship and marketing data against financial and operations data, all in a single database. And in terms of personal productivity, they enhance that power with new levels of convenience:

  • Familiar formats and functionality – including user interfaces that behave like familiar Microsoft Office tools (e.g. Excel, OneNote, etc.) – make it easier for new users to adapt to Dynamics 365 right from the start.
  • Personalized dashboards, tailored by each user, make commonly referenced information readily accessible according to individual needs and preferences.
  • Custom analysis and reporting expand on standard Dynamics 365 features by enabling users to access, compare, and analyze data from the common database using existing Excel spreadsheets or built-in Power BI (Business Intelligence).
  • Cloud-based accessibility and mobility – via desktop, tablet or smartphone interfaces – put the power of an organization’s data at every user’s disposal, wherever they work or whatever they do:
    • Executive-level decision-makers can monitor up-to-the minute performance overviews to model and evaluate strategic options for digital transformation.
    • Operations personnel can use Dynamics 365’s database and analytical tools to delve into details impacting productivity, in real time.
    • Field service personnel can access business operation and customer profiles, wherever they have Internet access, for more efficient high-quality service experiences.
    • Retail store personnelsuperior customer experiences at the point of sale, when armed with knowledge of past purchase history and preferences.

Derive more value from compatible Microsoft resources

As one of multiple Microsoft intelligent business apps aligned to the Common Data Model, Dynamics 365 integrates with numerous end-user computing resources. These range from familiar Microsoft Office 365 productivity tools to scores of independently developed task-specific apps available through Microsoft AppSource. Such capabilities enable users to access and adapt data for unique efficiencies, including:

  • Simplifying data manipulation in Excel. Microsoft Excel Online streamlines analyses of Dynamics 365 CRM/ERP data without the disruption of switching between applications.
  • Interoperable Power BI capabilities within Dynamics 365 enhance performance analysis and forecast generation well beyond standard reporting features, or even Excel modeling.
  • Sharing insights with OneNote. Customer service reps can save ad hoc notes and electronic files, using OneNote embedded in Dynamics 365, to enrich CRM account records with valuable context. 
  • Integrating CRM information with Outlook emails. Any associate can enhance the context of account relationships by linking customer correspondence with CRM information in Dynamics 365.
  • Empowering Office 365 Groups. Dynamics 365 makes it easier to generate groups and support them with information needed for successful collaboration.
  • Managing documents in SharePoint and OneDrive folder structures. Easier administration and integrated document management between the CRM system and other Microsoft tools keep everyone in the loop and discourage details from being overlooked.

Explore a personalized platform for success

Test data management opportunities to empower your organization, by evaluating Dynamics 365’s unified ERP/CRM database and its flexibility for supporting Word, Excel, and Office applications you might already be using. Ask an AlfaPeople representative for a personalized demo tailored to your business needs.

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