A Perfect Time to Combine e-Invoice and Microsoft Dynamics 365
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Nov 09, 2018

A Perfect Time to Combine e-Invoice and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Make the most of e-Invoicing! AlfaPeople has an alliance with Gurusoft to offer you the best e-Invoice solutions, helping you to comply with the requirements stipulated by the Ministry of Finance with Microsoft Dynamics in its various versions: Microsoft AX 2009, Microsoft AX 2012 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Integrating both platforms will allow you to manage your sales process from Dynamics, where you can have your entire customer sales history and simultaneously issue an e-Invoice, or other documents as established by the Costa Rica tax body. These include: proof of income documents, as established by the Ministry of Finance in the resolution DGT-R-48-2016 dated October 7th, 2016 in its Article 8, which we will detail here as important elements.

Important Elements

The use of electronic elements or receipts is mandatory and works as proof of income, costs and expenses. These elements are: e-Invoice, credit and debit notes and electronic tickets, and the output formats for this information are in Web Services and XML files. This information will be the proof for support of transactions before taxation.

1. e-Invoice: Electronic Invoice:

An e-Invoice is an electronic receipt that proves the sale of goods and the provision of services that must be generated, expressed and transmitted in an electronic format in the very act of purchase or service provision.

The e-Invoice or proof of income must include the following information:

  1. Full name of the owner, registered business name and the trading name (imagined name if it exists)
  2. Registration number
  3. Consecutive numbering
  4. Space for the date
  5. Conditions of sale: cash, credit, etc.
  6. Name of the printer (imprint) and print identification data
  7. Date issued
  8. Full name of the buyer or business name
  9. Natural or legal identification number provided the buyer is a taxpayer
  10. Detail of the merchandise transferred, or nature of the service provided, unit price and transaction amount expressed in national currency or foreign currency; if expressed in foreign currency, the currency in which the transaction was made should be indicated
  11. Discounts granted, indicating their nature and amounts
  12. Subtotal
  13. Amount of excise tax, when the seller is also a taxpayer of the aforementioned tax and the amount of any other tax due on goods or services taxed
  14. The value of the services provided, separating taxed and exempt items, due to the sale of taxed goods or services
  15. The value of the merchandise included in the provision of taxed services, separating taxed and exempt ones
  16. Net sale price (before tax)
  17. Amount of the tax equivalent to the rate applied on the net sale price, with the indication “Sales Tax” or the acronym “VAT”
  18. The total value of the e-Invoice (16+17)

For more information check this website.

2. Credit notes and electronic debit notes:

Credit notes and the electronic debit notes are the electronic vouchers that allow you to cancel or modify the accounting effects of the e-Invoice or electronic ticket, without altering the original document information.

3. E-ticket:

An electronic ticket is the commercial document with tax effects, generated, expressed and transmitted in electronic XML format, in the very act of purchase or service provision, authorized only for transactions with end consumers (retail sale – point of sale).?

In addition to implementing e-Invoices you can do much more with the point of sale, and more easily adapt to your customers’ changing needs with Microsoft Dynamics 365 modern POS.

How does the e-Invoice process work?

  1. The seller enters the sales data into the system to generate the invoice: such as customer data and details of the invoice with products, prices and discounts.
  2. The seller or person in charge of invoicing registers or issuing the sales invoice in Dynamics without having to take any additional steps.
  3. For the system user, the sale information is sent electronically to the Treasury, so that the invoice is both validated and approved.
  4. Finally, the e-Invoice is sent electronically to the customer.

You will be able to identify…

  1. All your transactions sales on a quick, dynamic platform
  2. The place or establishment where the electronic receipt is generated
  3. The terminal or point of sale issuing the electronic receipt
  4. The product or service sold, quantities and sales statistics you need

Benefits of implementing e-Invoice with Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Innovation with a modern and adaptable platform: Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to expand your solution, allowing your company to be up-to-date with legal requirements
  • Advanced technology allows you to connect to other applications and services to offer better functionality to your customers
  • Ensure proper compliance with tax obligations: Avoid fines or infractions by not applying Ministry of Finance requirements
  • Sales process efficiency: Improve customer experience by purchasing the product in a shorter time. In addition, improve your collection management with an efficient tool
  • Greater controls over commercial transactions: Optimize your resources when managing your cash inflow, cost and expense control
  • Decrease in paper and storage utilization cost: This has a direct impact on your business’s operational management since paperwork, printing, and storage are reduced, and billing is simplified. Additionally, it helps the environment!
  • Efficiency and security in information exchange: No worries, your client will always receive proof of purchase, as per usual, but the way they receive it has changed. This guarantees operational traceability
  • We guarantee the highest levels of technical assistance to solve any doubts and problems in transaction systems together with GuruSoft

How do you get the AlfaPeople e-Invoice service with Dynamics 365?

Get in contact with one of our commercial executives via our web chat service or send us your information here.

Our business executives will organize an appointment to look at your business requirements in order to advise and guide you through our process.

Remember, our applications are designed to be customized, to give you greater productivity, offer a deeper insight and to adapt to business needs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps companies accelerate their digital transformation, meet changing customer needs and to capture tomorrow’s business opportunities.