More power for your ERP
AlfaPeople |
Oct 26, 2022

More power for your ERP

Specialised software for enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the heart and brain of many companies. With a classic ERP, business processes can be controlled, managed and evaluated. In the Microsoft cosmos, the various Dynamics 365 applications fill these roles. With the Power Platform, the potential of the ERP is given wings: The possibilities already offered by the ERP are combined faster, more flexibly and according to demand.

Standard tasks and processes

Every company is different – nevertheless, there are many processes and tasks that come up again and again in a similar form. ERP systems must therefore offer a good basis that covers standard tasks from all important business fields and at the same time be able to react flexibly to specific requirements. The ERP solutions that Microsoft offers under the name Dynamics 365 are accordingly diverse: while the Sales module, for example, makes sales more efficient, the Finance & Supply Chain Management module offers intelligent and customised flows of goods. The extension “Intelligent Order Management” is also interesting for online trade: it promises smooth order fulfilment through automation.

Dynamics 365 is therefore already a package of powerful software in itself, with the help of which crucial processes can be automated, supported and scaled. Since, as the name ERP suggests, all resources within a company can be included in the planning, the degree of networking between the individual company divisions is guaranteed: The basis for all decisions is jointly maintained and jointly used data.

Greater agility and flexibility thanks to integration

The Power Platform adds a large portion of agility and flexibility to the already versatile functions of the Dynamics 365 range. Above all, integration is a top priority: The applications of the Power Platform complement and improve processes in existing systems without disrupting workflows. The Power Platform offers four core applications that make life easier for all employees in a company: “Virtual Agents” automate service, while Business Intelligence, or Power BI, prepares data at lightning speed. The Power Apps and Power Automate modules are particularly agile and flexible: With these, customised routines and software solutions can be created without much programming effort.

The drag-and-drop principle of Power Apps and Power Automate eliminates time-consuming code marathons; appropriately trained employees can implement their own projects in a short time, simplifying and automating processes. The various applications offered by Dynamics 365 can be combined quickly and flexibly in workflows specially adapted to the company’s own needs. The possibility of creating one’s own software solutions independently of the IT department thus awakens the integrative potential of the ERP applications: Their functions can be linked even better with the additional, specific automations and apps so that the maximum benefit is achieved for each use case.

Potential for creative solutions

Workflows and routines can be scaled: Some Power Apps may be interesting and applicable company-wide, others more small-scale solutions for highly specialised processes. In any case, a company that has its employees trained in the applications of the Power Platform awakens a lot of potential for creative solutions. Processes are thereby optimised by those who also work with them on a daily basis. In addition to efficient optimisation, you as an entrepreneur also create identification and ownership among your employees.

Use the creative potential of the Power Platform for your company! We will be happy to advise you and support you in training your employees. You can reach us by email or by phone.