Manage your employees’ remuneration without losing control
AlfaPeople |
Jul 01, 2020

Manage your employees’ remuneration without losing control

The payroll solution developed by AlfaPeople for the public sector and integrated with Dynamics 365 Finance is a solution that manages payments to employees and manages concepts such as multi-company, multi-currency, multiple branches and multiple dimensions. Fully parameterizable and flexible.

In recent years, AlfaPeople has successfully worked in the government sector with the Dynamics 365 Payroll solution, a robust, 100% parametric, agile and reliable tool that becomes the ideal strategic partner when it comes to managing human resources, mainly in its hiring and remuneration processes for public employees, official workers and officials in general.

Our tool adapts to all the operating policies required for payroll. Its legal context is that of Colombian labor legislation, and jurisprudence, doctrine and concepts specific to the government sector, as well as the regulations or norms of national, territorial or decentralized entities.

The main competitive advantages of the solution are, among others:

  • Traceability of information, which guarantees transparency in processes and payments, one of the most required principles in public management.
  • Unification of settlements and payments in a single process.
  • Moderate or minimum execution times, allowing not only the operability of the transactions to be carried out but also analysis of the information.
  • Control in each part of the process.
  • Integration to the native capabilities of Human Resources provided in Dynamics 365.
  • Native integration with financial ERP (eliminates flat files and report manipulation).
  • Information in real-time.

The central purpose of the solution is: Manage payroll efficiently and timely, social benefits, contributions to the general social security system and parafiscal contributions of officials, recognizing with the accuracy of payments, all rights of employees, without excluding possible adjustments to payroll. These are understood as exceptional transactions, which can positively or negatively affect the settlement of a concept on the payroll, previously calculated, and on which some error or inconsistency has been evidenced. The adjustments can be applied for a previous period, or for which it is being calculated.

As it is a 100% parametric tool, its scope is unlimited. It is possible to define as many groups or types of employees as required, payroll concepts properly formulated and conditioned on the calculation bases (which include all the salary factors that make up the payment averages).

“If you provide the right technology to stay connected and maintain regular communication, as well as strike the right balance between remote and office work, people will be motivated to work responsibly, quickly, an with high quality.”
Richard Branson

As it is a Microsoft certified product in the AppSource we guarantee effectiveness, technological innovation, constant updating; our priority is mobility and the cloud.

Last, but not least, and linked to the settlement and payment processes, we must highlight the reports we have in the solution, both internal for management and monitoring users and other areas of the company, as well as all those legal reports requested by the control entities, without forgetting the integration with the Microsoft solutions stack that allows us to export data to Excel with just one click, from any screen of the application.

We are confident that, with our tool, all your needs will be solved and will have a positive effect on all your staff compensation processes. Contact us, we have a team of experts able to give you a demonstration of our payroll solution!