Colombia’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) is now mandatory for all companies, no matter their size or the scope of their work, according to several decrees from the country’s Labor Ministry. Companies seeking to comply with these regulations and avoid sanctions are generally overwhelmed by the lack of control and technology available to them to address new regulations and meet requirements promoting safe and healthy work environments.

AlfaPeople has designed its HSEQ module for integration with the Dynamics 365 platform, allowing clients to track job safety and health issues within their workforce. Among the organization that have successfully implemented our module, is a public sector organization which was finally able to manage its SG-SST processes and integrate the module with other workflow processes, such as their discounted inventory due to a delivery of endowment and personal protection items or the reporting of work-related incidents, among others.

According to the GTC 45 (Technical Colombian Guide by ICONTEC), an organization must identify and assess risks according to the nature of day-to-day activities in the workplace. On the other hand, based on the NTC 3701 (Standards and Certification ICONTEC) an organization must also comply with the reporting of work accidents and work-related diseases. Overall, the HSEQ facilitates the registration, control and monitoring of the Health and Safety Management in your workplace. Administrative tasks, risk assessment, accident investigation, medical evaluations, personal protection reporting, compliance with preventive medicine campaigns, surveillance programs, nursing registration, legal claims, audit schedule, follow-up plan and indicators are some of the most important features of this module.

In regard to compliance, Colombia’s OHSMS makes no distinction between companies based on their size or the scope of their work. Compliance is necessary for all companies! The HSEQ module is customizable to meet to the needs of any organization. Best of all, the module is certified for the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Like all our tools, HSEQ is subject to regular upgrades according to the changing needs of the private and public sectors and the relevant regulations.

HSEQ can be licensed as part a Cloud-based (SaaS) scheme or on-premise (perpetual licensing), with an average implementation time of three months. The HSEQ module can be purchased for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations as a monthly payment in the SaaS model, or as a single one-off payment as part of the perpetual licensing model for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations or AX2012.

Contact us today to request a demo of our unique HSEQ solution!

Diana Sofia Carrillo
Diana Sofia Carrillo
Dynamics AX Consultant at AlfaPeople

Diana has worked on Projects for the implementation of AX 2012 in the Production area; Migration projects of the tool version in Commercial and Financial areas at the national level, Internal projects of implementation in HSEQ, internal migration projects of Location Version Colombia and migration in the Financial area to the Dynamics 365 version. Certified in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Financials and Scrum Master Professional, 3 years experience in this Microsoft ERP.

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