What is Inside Sales and Why Should my Company Adopt it?
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Nov 13, 2017

What is Inside Sales and Why Should my Company Adopt it?

The way of buying has changed considerably over time. This is a fact that many entrepreneurs, salesmen and commercial managers experience every day when it comes to selling more, and that’s where the Inside Sales enters.

This new way of selling with the help of technology has made the buyer more independent, making the old way of selling ineffective. The premise of the method is that the customer buys as they want and when they want. Are you curious about it? Understand more by reading this post we have prepared for you!

What is Inside Sales?

Nowadays, when someone wants to buy something, they search the internet and get deep information about the service or product they want to buy. The consumer decides when to buy and at the right time, so the door-to-door method does not work as well as it used to.

The key now is to attract your prospects through content such as blog posts, e-mail, e-books, and social networks. After that, just wait for the right time to turn interested people into buyers.

The crucial detail is that only the final part of the sales process occurs in person, before that, the work of your sales team is virtual. This means a revolution in the way of selling, but without eliminating the essential role of the handshake that closes a deal.

What are the advantages of Inside Sales?

One of the main benefits of Inside Sales is that is a more natural way of selling, that doesn’t invade the space of your future client. In addition, there are other advantages we can list in this post, check it out:

  • Better results

Knocking from door to door to sell can result in some sales, but this process is very time-consuming. The modern method is more natural and increases the possibility of closing good deals. This is because sellers can look for targets with a high chance of hiring your service or buying your product.

  • Form an effective team

Hiring good professionals for your company is a difficult task, right? With some essential tips for hiring salespeople and the right guidance, Inside Sales is an important resource for selling more and hitting the end of the month goals.

  • Sell more with less

Sellers use the technology to sell and the customer visit occurs when the deal is practically closed. For this reason, Inside Sales is a cheaper method of selling than the traditional one. This is because much of the displacement costs are cut off. Operational expenses like travel, transportation, and other costs are reduced, saving resources of the commercial department.

  • More profit for the company

According to Velocify’s study, about 60% of respondents say that Inside Sales affects a company’s profitability. This sales model reduces travel costs, makes collective goals closer to being hit, and generates much more profit for the company.

Let’s start!

This sales method, which integrates marketing and sales, ensures better results with a lower cost and greater respect to the buyer.
How about start applying Inside Sales right away?