In today’s IT landscape, your Dynamics support strategy might mean make or break
AlfaPeople |
Mar 09, 2020

In today’s IT landscape, your Dynamics support strategy might mean make or break

AlfaPeople Dynamics Support – Companies are increasingly relying on IT solutions that automate or simplify their operations with the goal to fully focus on the core business and on customers. As a result, IT has become increasingly integrated into the corporate structure and, along with the employees, often forms the heart of a company.

Daily challenges in Dynamics support

With your Microsoft Dynamics AX solution, you have a fully integrated ERP system and a comprehensive portfolio of future-proof work tools. Due to the fast-moving nature of Microsoft technology and the continuous development of functionality, it is often difficult for organizations to maintain a complete overview of systems and to manage IT support and maintenance autonomously.

Where just a few years ago one employee mastered these tasks alone, today there is usually a whole support team looking after the various areas and interfaces. Additional difficulties also occur when the mainstream support provided by the manufacturer ends and important hotfixes and legally required changes are removed.

Your users may work with the different systems along the entire value chain. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, you have a complete ERP system that provides the necessary functions. On the other hand, reliable communication with your other systems is guaranteed via individually developed interfaces. For this reason, it is particularly important that your IT solutions are fully functional around the clock.

If, for example, delivery documents cannot be generated, the goods will not be dispatched on time and promised deadlines will not be met. If the data exchange between ERP and the warehouse system does not work, incorrect inventory data will appear in the query for sales orders or the inventories will be incorrectly valued. And in the worst case, you will only notice this during a tax audit. A reliable support partner should be aware of them – but above all, they should be able to identify their causes before they occur.

You can count on our support

It is therefore particularly important to us at AlfaPeople to provide our customers with a competent support team. As part of our education management, we support you, for example, in the training of new employees. Through our release management, we inform you in regular meetings about new Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality and which innovations are relevant for your company. In addition, we ensure with regular health checks that potential sources of disruption are identified and eliminated at an early stage.

Our claim is not only to react directly in case of failures but to provide you with a strong support base and sense of security developed through close and consistent engagement with you as our client.

Even if you have a fixed contact person who knows your processes and system landscape inside out, his or her availability is not always guaranteed. With consultants and developers working on your solution, we offer you a competent contact person at your side who, in addition to the standard system, also knows your business processes and adaptations. The result is personalized customer service that is not dependent on a single person.

The regular exchange of knowledge within the support team also enables us to identify potential sources of malfunctions in the standard system more quickly and to remedy them more efficiently.

With AlfaPeople you have a strong partner and a competent support team at your side, fueled by many years of expertise across the various Microsoft Dynamics AX versions.

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