The Internet is currently the main channel for disseminating content, advertising and capturing business opportunities, both for personal and business brands. Positioning a brand requires using applications with options to achieve these goals, among which the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform stands out.

Strategies of Social Engagement and Social Branding enhance the advantages of social media to create and identify communities loyal to a brand or company.

How does Social Engagement improve my brand opportunities?

  • Generates visibility, improving the personal or business image.
  • Provides added value and generates engagement or the kind of commitment you want among users, followers and customers.
  • Improves communication with users or customers who trust the brand and constantly talk about it.
  • Provides creativity when presenting the brand and related content, and emotional connections that involve improving the customer experience (UX).

Why is Dynamics 365 the platform you need?

As a professional, you must successfully project your brand, evaluate options to find the best commercial opportunities, design content, share it on social media, track its impact and manage Social Engagement strategies.

Dynamics 365 has the components to support you in these processes because it allows you to:

  • Save costs, project implementation time and systems support.
  • Increase the performance of your equipment.
  • Trace operations and have a global vision of how your brand management is working in social media.
  • Obtain data in real time, presented in multiple dimensions or dashboard.
  • Have information to make decisions based on business intelligence.
  • Present the brand with a powerful image, focused on the user’s experience, and being able to carry out trend analysis and track down reactions in social media.
  • Improve interaction with your followers and customers.

Microsoft Social Engagement, much more than the count of likes and retweets

Dynamics 365 has an extensive set of management tools. Microsoft Social Engagement stands out to create automated and measurable campaigns across multiple channels.

The strategies that can be developed with Microsoft Social Engagement go beyond knowing how many likes your resources receive. You will be able to analyze segments, track according to locations and obtain a social profiling.

Other benefits for your brand that Microsoft Social Engagement brings are:

  • Active listening of customer opinions (social listening) in the most common social media: blogs, forums, RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, among others.
  • Direct interaction with your followers and clients to show them that their opinions are important, by responding their questions or comments, sharing or forwarding them.
  • Create single or shared profiles, personal or corporate, that allow to configure and manage social media publications by region or country.
  • Set up dashboards with information relevant to your campaign, in more than 40 languages.
  • Set up alerts or notifications 24/7 that will inform you of comments that may affect the reputation of your brand. You can also set up keyword lists, which will allow you to monitor a specific social network.
  • Know about the campaigns and conversations that your brand competitors have, as well as the opinions of customers and followers regarding the reputation of competitors.
  • Obtain indicators related to the impact of the positive or negative opinions of followers, depending on how large your social networks are. Indicators with measures of appreciation and measures of presence (reach valuek).

Dynamics 365 and Social Engagement provide you with quality information for decision making and the development of intelligent marketing, social media and advanced analytics applied to benefit your brand.