Digital Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365
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Jul 25, 2017

Digital Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365

The technological revolution is changing the way we do business and interact with the customer, and now this revolution is coming to marketing. With mobile devices, social networks and a new way of consuming, all marketing is now digital marketing, everything involves data and requires intelligence. To adapt to this reality, companies need a new mindset and new tools. Microsoft has some options that suit different companies and needs, let’s explore them!

Experience Business with Dynamics and Adobe

2017 began with the new partnership of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe Marketing Cloud, the union of the best and most innovative solutions for business and digital marketing. This is a partnership with incredible possibilities that gives companies a suite of integrated solutions with unprecedented reach, especially if we include the productivity portion of Microsoft Office 365 and the creative tools of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe’s Digital Marketing suite is so rich and complete that we would need several articles to explain it, but it basically allows for the creation of a marketing automation platform for corporations of any size, giving teams the power to manage complex campaigns in a completely autonomous fashion including social, web and mobile channels, with total integration between products, artificial intelligence, and automated insights.

The combination of Adobe Marketing Cloud and Dynamics 365 is the perfect solution for large companies seeking a genuinely omnichannel advanced digital presence, going far beyond the automation of digital marketing to provide a true experience for their customers.

Marketing Automation with Dynamics and Code-K

Dynamics is by itself an advanced digital marketing platform, with native solutions for portal building (Dynamics Portals), monitoring and engagement in social networks (Microsoft Social Engagement), publication of web surveys (Voice of the Customer), multi platform and multi channel analytics (Power BI), as well as customer registration and segmentation and marketing lists. All of this with unbeatable integration with Excel and a best-of-breed development and integration platform (.NET APIs, REST and Microsoft Flow).

Code-K complements these features with add-ons that turn Dynamics 365 into a complete digital marketing automation solution. Their solutions work within the Dynamics 365 experience, without the need for system integration – it’s just one system used and extended to the fullest of its potential.

With Code-K Campaign, you can create responsive, highly compatible and visually appealing email templates. These emails can be sent to Dynamics 365 marketing lists through a high-capacity broker with a strong focus on compliance. The returns of these campaigns, as well as other actions performed in Dynamics, trigger automation rules with powerful and complete flows that allow you to automate the relationship with the public in digital media. Code-K Campaign also allows the creation and automatic hosting of Landing Pages and Conversion Forms. All of this is built into Dynamics 365, easily and intuitively with drag-and-drop capabilities.

The combination of Dynamics 365 + Code-K results in a powerful, low-cost platform that meets the demand of small and large-scale companies for marketing automation.

One vendor, many possibilities!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a very powerful and flexible product that, with its ecosystem of apps and platforms, serves all types of companies, with varying requirements and budgets.